Mar 3, 2011

How to Create a Tabbed Notebook‏ - elearning workshop

If you’re just getting started with rapid elearning, this is a good basic workshop that takes you through some of the essential techniques.  Plus, you end up a with a nice PowerPoint template.
Here’s what’s covered:
  • Building graphics in PowerPoint
  • Using two files per course—one for graphics and one for production
  • Learn to use PowerPoint hyperlinks
  • Leverage the master slides to decrease production time
  • Assembling the tabbed notebook
The author built the workshop using the same notebook so you can see an example of the output as well.  He also included the files for PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

  • 3-tabbed notebook

  • 5-tabbed notebook

  • 5-tabbed multicolor notebook

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