Jun 16, 2011

Storyboard Template From theelearningcoach

These storyboard templates have been donated by the eLearning community for you to download and use for projects. There are a variety of types so you can pull features from one and add them to another, for hours of safe, unsupervised fun. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

You can download them from the source site :

FREE iPad Lectora Templates

While the launch of the new Apple iPad generates excitement and speculation about future applications, did you know it’s already compatible with Lectora? Lectora features one-click publishing to the iPad in html format. We’ve also made it just a bit easier for you: We’ve created templates pre-formatted for the iPad to help you get started – and they’re free to download .

You can download the template from the company site :

Free elearning tool kit to Start 2011 the Right Way

There is nothing like freebies to kick start a new year of e-learning and online training. We have put together a pack of free backgrounds, icons and images to aid in your work and provide inspiration. This is the first in a series of monthly FREE e-learning developers tool kits. Watch for more freebies when we roll out our new web site in February! So go ahead and click the button below and we will email you a link to download your FREE e-learning developers tool kit!

Adobe Captivate 5.5: Publish Support for Apple Mobile Devices

Anyone who created eLearning lessons using any version of Adobe Captivate older than version 5 is painfully aware that Captivate does not offer publishing options for any of the Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). It's been a real issue for developers who love Captivate, but are required to create content for the Apple devices, and are therefore forced to use other tools such as Camtasia.
The new Adobe Captivate 5.5 eliminates the issue. You can now record new Captivate videos specifically for Apple devices, and you can re-publish existing content so that it will run on Apple devices.
You can complete the tutorial from the source site:

Stick Pick is an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad teacher tool

This a great tool.
Stick Pick is an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad “teacher tool” application that allows you to randomly (or intentionally) draw a student’s name from an on-screen can of popsicle sticks -- but that’s just the beginning. You determine the mode and level of difficulty for each learner, and then, every time that student’s stick is drawn, you’ll be shown over a dozen Bloom’s-style question stems -- uniquely tied to your learner’s individual ability level!
Stick Pick offers over 140 question stems, organized by cognitive and linguistic level, so teachers can quickly and conveniently ask the right question to the right learner at just the right time. With Stick Pick teachers promote higher order thinking skills, English language development, and equity among learners of all levels.

Here is the link for the App :

And this is a video demo:

Good Time

Comparing 12 Free Screencasting Tools

Combing through the basic functions and features of a list of tools I’ve become aware of, to select some for further testing.

You can complete from the source:

By K. Walsh

7 Creative Techniques for Designing and Delivering Results-Producing Webinars

Quick—how would you describe the last Webinar you logged on to? Interesting? Engaging? If not, learn to change whoa to WOW.  Discover or rediscover techniques that will make the driest material come to life on the screen and over the phone. This is a crash course in designing creative webinars and increasing retention and ultimately the transfer of the learning using Raptivity (and other tools & techniques) before, during and after your live on-line training. With so many learners checking out of web casts and doing email or finishing another task it is important to involve the listeners and participants every 4 minutes. But how? This session really dives into tips on how to do just that.

You will:
• Discover effective opening and closing strategies for webinars.
• Evaluate methods to successfully teach and engage the webinar learner
• Acquire tactics creating and maintaining trainer and participant motivation

By : Becky Pike Pluth

You can view the webinar here:

10 Excellent iPad Applications for Teachers

it’s a great time to share this list of useful iPad apps for teachers from guest writer Paula Dierkens.
There’s no doubt that the iPad is an excellent device, and if you own this gadget, it makes sense to pick up the applications best suited to your lifestyle and profession. So if you’re a teacher, here are ten great iPad apps that you must try out: 

You can complete it in the source page here :

Best Practices for Publishing Adobe Captivate 5.5 projects to YouTube

Before you hit the YouTube button in the toolbar, I advice you to watch this Tutorial Bt by RJ Jacquez


Good time.

Raptivity HTML5 on iPad

Raptivity is a great software and it gives you alot of choices.

Now you can go mobile with Raptivity:

You can see examples here :

and you can see this presentation
HTML5 and its Role in e-Learning
HTML5 is fast emerging as the industry standard for building rich interfaces. However, not all browsers support it consistently. With Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices choosing HTML5 over Adobe Flash, HTML5 has the potential to become very important in all the upcoming classes of portable devices. What does HTML5 mean for eLearning developers and tool makers, and does it have a role to play in mLearning?

Google and New Search Features

Google on Tuesday introduced three new search features that make it clear mobile technologies are leading the way in new developments from the search giant.

Voice Search
One of the technologies driving this growth is speech recognition. With Voice Search, you don’t have to type on a tiny touchscreen. You can just speak your query and the answer is on the way.

Search by Image
Today we’re introducing Search by Image on desktop. Next to the microphone on images.google.com, you’ll also see a little camera for the new Search by Image feature. If you click the camera, you can upload any picture or plug in an image URL from the web and ask Google to figure out what it is

Instant Pages
Whether you type, speak or upload a photo, once you’ve indicated what you’re looking for the next step in your search is to sift through the results and pick one. To make this faster, last year we introduced Google Instant, which gives you search results while you type.

The source is google blog :

Reviewing eLearning Courses Made Easy with Adobe Captivate 5.5

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh and Vish to learn how to use Adobe Captivate Reviewer to get your Captivate projects reviewed by the SMEs, internal team or customers. Also learn how to leverage Acrobat.com or your internal server in this process.

What’s in it for you?
After attending this session, you will be able to:
  • Publish the project for review
  • Share project for review on an internal server
  • Share the project on Acrobat.com for review
  • Review Adobe Captivate project
  • Add comments to the SWF file
  • Edit comments in the SWF file
  • Import comments from an XML file
  • Export comments to an XML file
  • View or sort comments in the AIR application
  • View or sort comments in the Adobe Captivate project
  • Provide feedback on comments by reviewers
Thursday, July 21, 2011
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Publish Captivate 5 to the iPhone/iPad

This tutorial show you : How Publish Captivate 5 to the iPhone/iPad

Captivate 5 shipped with an extra option in the publish settings: Enable SWF for conversion to iPhone application.

You can complete the tutorial here :