Sep 23, 2012

Twitter New Style

Twitter allows users to add banner.
 It is a nice touch.

As you can see here ( as example ) :

You can do this by following these simple steps :

1- Select Setting as you can see in this picture :

2- Click on Design :

3- Go to "Customize Your Own" section, Then Ckick on Change Header.

Notice : Recommended dimensions of 1200×600Maximum file size of 5MB

4-Then Pick up your Image. 
Adjust the image then click save.

Thats it.

Hope this help someone.

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Sep 21, 2012

Certificate in Virtual Worlds

The program offers a Certificate in Virtual Worlds.

Program Overview :
Learn to use simulated environments to enhance all types of organizations, including online communities, education, retailing, political expression and military training. As technologies develop, virtual worlds become more sophisticated, more common and people spend more time in them. Position yourself to be part of this emerging movement that has become a reality beyond just gaming. Your education will be hands-on and practical; you will learn exclusively in a simulated environment.

Program Features
Graduate credits
Hands-on experience with analysis, design and development of virtual world platforms using Second Life
Completion of a capstone project resulting in a customized virtual world in Second Life

What the Program Covers:
Platform selection and use
World design and creation
Human interactivity and metrics
Integration with business systems or databases
Effective evaluation of virtual worlds

You will learn to:
Apply and combine concepts, processes, issues and skills from information management techniques, educational theory, technology design and digital culture to choose, design, develop and measure goals in Virtual Worlds.
Analyze virtual world platforms, examining design methods and user-centric design for human-information interaction.
Apply concepts, strategies and skills related to the life cycle of virtual world planning, design and product development.
Use evaluation techniques involving human factors, cognition, gaming strategies, performance tracking and feedback systems to ensure the ‘stickiness’ and defined value in Virtual Worlds.

Who Should Apply
Graphic designers
Game developers
Communications specialists

A friend emailed me the program .
I hope it will help someone.
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Sep 19, 2012

How to deliver technical training via mobile devices

This is a webinar from CDG Company for mobile, you can join it free .

With the rise in usage of mobile devices, what opportunities does this offer technical trainers? How do you create content that works well on mobile devices? How can you ensure that it functions correctly on all types of devices?

In this webinar presented by Luke Dart, Technical Content Developer, Advanced Learning Solutions Team, CDG a Boeing company, you will learn how mobile devices can be used to support your training activity to reduce classroom time and meet the needs and expectations of your students. It will give you insights into how other training departments are using mobile devices and ideas for your own training function. You will learn about some of the current limitations, what can be achieved and how to make it happen.

Join this live, interactive webinar to learn:

The contexts in which mobile devices can be used for training
The benefits they offer
How to structure content for mobile devices
Delivering content via mobile devices – what is possible and how it is done
The current limitations and issues
Who will benefit from attending:
Technical Training Managers
HR Managers
Engineering Managers
Customer Support Managers
Maintenance Managers

Luke Dart, Technical Content Developer, Advanced Learning Solutions Team, CDG a Boeing company

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9:00 am / 09:00 (GMT)
10:00 am / 10:00 (BST)

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Sep 18, 2012

All the ebooks are Free

Welcome all,

I want to mention that all the ebooks in my blog in this link :

are free from the source. And there is no copyright violation.

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Sep 14, 2012

Great tool :course-builder from google

It is a great step from Google which will support education.

As Google said : Course Builder is our experimental first step in the world of online education. It packages the software and technology we used to build our Power Searching with Google online course. We hope you will use it to create your own online courses, whether they're for 10 students or 100,000 students. You might want to create anything from an entire high school or university offering to a short how-to course on your favorite topic.

Course Builder contains software and instructions for presenting your course material, which can include lessons, student activities, and assessments. It also contains instructions for using other Google products to create a course community and to evaluate the effectiveness of your course. To use Course Builder, you should have some technical skills at the level of a web master. In particular, you should have some familiarity with HTML and JavaScript.

Join Peter Norvig and special guests for two Hangouts on Air. Peter will answer your questions about MOOC design and the technical aspects of using Course Builder.
•19 Sept 10:00am - 10:45am PDT
•26 Sept 10:00am - 10:45am PDT

and this is the group for the course-builder :!forum/course-builder-forum

Thanks google.

Sep 13, 2012

Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy

This is a webinar from skillsoft.

Fit mobile into your learning strategy

Is now the time to take the plunge into mobile learning, or should you wait for a more stable mobile landscape to emerge?

Join Skillsoft for a webinar that will provide you with a framework as you begin thinking about the challenges and opportunities for mobile learning within your organization. During the webinar you will learn:
The different devices suitable for different learning content types.
The difference between mobility and portability when applied to learning activities.

Pam Boiros, Vice President, Product Management Skillsoft® Books24x7®
Pam Boiros joined Skillsoft in 2000, as part of the Books24x7 organization, and she is currently responsible for the overall product and content strategy of the Books24x7 “On Demand” product line. She is the key architect and evangelist for inGenius™, Skillsoft’s social learning solution which has to date been adopted by over 300 organizations around the world.  Pam has also been involved with emerging mobile learning initiatives since the launch of the Books24x7 on the Go™ mobile solution in 2006. Pam holds an MBA from Babson College and a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Tim Hildreth, Director, Product Marketing, Skillsoft
Since joining SkillSoft in 2004, Tim has provided strategic direction for Skillsoft’s content technology products including courses, authoring tools, KnowledgeCenters, and the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage. Most recently, Tim has overseen the development of Skillsoft’s evolving mobile strategies.  Tim considers himself a life-long learner and teacher and has travelled extensively and lived abroad. He came to Skillsoft after 11 years in Product Marketing and other positions with Transparent Language, Inc., a leading provider of computer aided language-learning (CALL). He has a degree in Political Science from Williams College.

Date and time :
Wednesday, September 19
1- 2 p.m. EDT

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Giving with Purpose - Free Course

I advise every one to register to this course:

GivingwithPurpose is a short online course on effective charitable giving. provides funding for more than 30 courses on philanthropy and giving on campuses across the United States.

Now we are pleased to invite you to join the first-of-its-kind, free online course on effective charitable giving.

The course will be offered in early 2013. Pre-Register in order to receive course updates and speaker announcements.

Course Description
The course was created by one of our professors, Rebecca Riccio, Director of the experiential philanthropy program at Northeastern University and features:

Six (6) compact classes providing tools, information, and strategies to make your charitable giving more effective and rewarding, regardless of whether you are investing $10 or $10,000.
Interviews with well known national philanthropists and thinkers bring the course material to real life.
Interactive student exercises to reinforce learning.
Opportunities to connect with others using Google platforms such as Google+, Hangouts on Air, etc.
A certificate of completion for everyone who watches all six classes and successfully completes the student exercises.

Preview of the course :

Hoping to see you there .
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Power Searching with Google - Registration is open

This course is from the source : Google.
Searching the web is a must skill.

So Register to this valuable course:

Another live session of Power Searching with Google begins on September 24!

Register now to complete the course alongside a community of global participants and when the course begins you'll receive:

Access to community discussion forum
The opportunity to put your new skills to test with mid and post class assessments
Support from Google course staff
An official Power Searching with Google certificate upon completion


Pre-class assessment - available 2012-09-24
Class 1 - Introduction - available 2012-09-24
Class 2 - Interpreting results - available 2012-09-26
Class 3 - Advanced techniques - available 2012-09-28
Mid-class assessment available 2012-09-28, deadline 2012-10-10 11:59pm PT
Class 4 - Find facts faster - available 2012-10-01
Class 5 - Checking your facts - available 2012-10-03
Class 6 - Putting it all together - available 2012-10-05
Post-class assessment available 2012-10-05, deadline 2012-10-10 11:59pm PT

Do not miss this great chance.

The course link:

Hoping to see there.

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Digital Literacy Tour From Google

Google again and always.
This course is valuable for families.

Descriptions :
Google support the education of families on how to stay safe online. That's why Google have teamed up with online safety organization iKeepSafe to develop curriculum that educators can use in the classroom to teach what it means to be a responsible online citizen.

The curriculum is designed to be interactive, discussion filled and allow students to learn through hands-on and scenario activities. On this site you'll find a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation.

Workshop 1: Detecting Lies & Staying True
Video: Detecting Lies and Staying True
Instructor's Guidebook
Student Handouts
Presentation to accompany lesson

Workshop 2: Playing and Staying Safe Online
Video: Playing and Staying Safe Online
Video: Staying Safe on YouTube
Instructor's Guidebook
Student Handouts
Presentation to accompany lesson

Workshop 3: Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks

Video: Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks
Instructor's Guidebook
Student Handouts
Presentation to accompany lesson

As you can see there are many workshops, videos, guidebooks and more

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Adobe Captivate 6: Master Slides & Templates Free Seminar

Join Josh "Captian Captivate" Cavalier for this deep dive into how to use Captivate 6 Themes and building Captivate templates. He will cover the following:

What is a Captivate 6 Theme
The new Main Master Slide and Layouts
Object Styles
The Captivate 6 Template workflow
Adding your own brand
Using the Template
... and much more!

Date: Friday September 14, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

This is a free online seminar via Lodestone Live.

Sep 12, 2012


This 30 minute online Masterclass is specifically designed for in-house trainers / subject matter experts from all industries who want to design and build their own rapid e-learning programmes in-house.

There are a variety of e-learning authoring tools available on the market – each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Through this webinar session we will provide an independent review of some of the leading e-learning authoring tools ranging from PowerPoint plug-ins to online tools and stand-alone tools (Storyline, Captivate, Snap!, Articulate, Smartbuilder, Composica, Dreamweaver and Flash).

We will also give you tips on what you need to think about from a learning and technology perspective when selecting the best e-learning authoring tool for your organisation.

Your presenter for this session will be Lee Reilly from Aurion’s award-winning E-learning Development Team.

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Sep 9, 2012

Planning and Implementing e-Learning in your School -Handbook

     The NCTE’s e-Learning Handbook outlines the process of planning for e-Learning in your school and has been developed in consultation with the school development planning initiatives at primary and post primary level (PPDS & SDPI/SLSS). It provides a step by step guide to the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan and outlines the key roles and responsibilities of all involved in the development of the plan. The e-Learning Handbook is broken down into the following sections:


Getting Started

Step 1: Review & Prioritise

Step 2: Develop plan

Step 3: Implement and monitor plan

Step 4: Evaluate plan

NCTE Advice & Support

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Creating e-Learning that Makes a Difference - free kit

In this kit, Ethan Edwards covers the concept of instructional interactivity, and demonstrates how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an e-learning program. Get specific real-world examples that give meaning to the four essential components of instructional interactivity, CCAF, which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback.

In this kit, you will learn:

the value of true instructional interactivity for creating engaging, effective e-learning
the four essential design components of instructional interactivity which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback
to design engaging contexts, motivating challenges, appropriate activities, and instructional feedback into interactive design
the critical elements of any authoring tool used to create instructional interactivity
This kit includes:

White paper
60-minute webinar
Presentation slides from webinar
Q&A summary from webinar
Examples site showing CCAF in action

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Learning about e-learning - Free guide

Getting started in e-learning may appear daunting, but it need not be. Anyone is capable of creating world class e-learning material, as long as they are aware of a few basic concepts, ideas, and industry standards.
At Kookaburra Studios, our developers have had over twenty years experience in the e-learning industry. We've used this knowledge to creating Learning About e-learning - free!
This online book provides heaps of information, dozens of examples, and hundreds of links for more information.

A free 75 page guide to e-learning, including heaps of examples and interactivities, dozens of illustrations, and explanations and techniques for all facets of e-learning.

The download link :

Sep 5, 2012

The Wonders of Adobe Captivate 6

Session Description:
Captivate 6 was released this summer and what a release it is! Joe Ganci, who has used Captivate for many years, will take you through a fun and revealing look at all the new and great features of Captivate 6. Included among the new features are:

1. Output to HTML and to Mobile Devices
2. Actors / Characters
3. Smart Shapes
4. Smart Learning Interactions
5. Themes
6. High Definition Screencasts
7. Pre-tests and Branch-Aware Branching
8. Partial and Negative Scoring
9. Remediation
10. Round-tripping with PowerPoint 2010
11. Optimized User Interface and Object Grouping
12. Audio Responses
13. Reflections Effect
14. Text Improvements

Joe Ganci, President, Dazzle Technologies Corp.

Joseph Ganci is President of Dazzle Technologies Corp., a custom training and learning company located in Ashburn, VA, right outside Washington. D.C.
Since 1983 he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. Joe holds a degree in Computer Science, and is a published author, having written several books and articles about e-Learning.
Joe is widely considered a guru for his expertise in e-Learning development, and has taught classes and seminars at leading universities, in many government facilities, commercial firms, and educational institutions, and has spoken at many industry conferences. He is on a mission to improve to better the quality of e-Learning with practical approaches that work.

Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012
Time: 10:00AM Pacific /1:00PM Eastern(60 Minute Session)

Good time.

The "How To" Mobile Learning Developer's Conference

mLearning DevCon's focus is on mobile learning development and strategy. Learn mobile learning technologies, how to overcome barriers in development and tools that can help accomplish what you need. mLearning DevCon is the "How To" instructional design and development mobile learning conference. With longer 90 minute regular sessions, and 3 hour hands-on BYOL sessions, learn to design and build mobile learning.

Get the practical knowledge on:

Mobile Learning Technology & Architecture
Mobile Development Tools - jQuery, Sencha, PhoneGap etc.
Creating Mobile Apps
Mobile Distribution
Creating iBooks
Flash Learning Apps for Mobile
HTML5 & Canvas
Offline Mobile Delivery
Open Source Mobile Tools
SCORM & Tin Can
Social in Mobile Learning
Project Managment
Mobile Learner Engagement
Mobile Instructional Design

Practice files to help you learn Articulate Storyline.

From the site you can use this free template for Storyline

Use these practice files to help you learn Storyline. Included in the .zip file are storyboards and media assets for creating a 20-minute course on time management.

What’s included in the files?

Storyboards for a 20-minute course on time management
All the assets to create the course (audio, images, etc.)
An example of a finished Storyline file (.story format)
A link to the finished course in html format
Instructions that map the development tasks for the course with the chapters in the book so you can practice as you go

The course lets you practice the basics such as adding scenes, slides, text, and graphics, all the way up to states, layers, conditions, and variables.

Download practice files

View finished course

Note to Storyline trainers: If you are teaching a class on Storyline, feel free to use these files in your class.

You can also download a free copy of Chapter 10: Triggers and Actions.

5 Best Practices for Effective Virtual Learning

As organisations incorporate virtual learning solutions into their traditional learning mix, it’s critical to understand how and when to apply these tools and processes.

With thoughtful design and practiced facilitation, virtual training programmes can meet – and often exceed – the expectations of more traditional delivery methods.

Join David Smith, managing director (EMEA) of InSync Training, as he discusses how to best implement a live virtual classroom, turning e-learning success from the exception into the rule.

Attend this interactive webinar to learn:

How to implement your own personal action plan
The difference between interaction and collaboration
Design concepts for creating a thoughtful programme
How to convert traditional techniques for virtual use

David Smith, InSync Training 

Thursday, September 13, 3 PM (UK)

E-learning Experiences and Future - free ebook

This book is consisting of 24 chapters which are focusing on the basic and applied research regarding e‐learning systems. Authors made efforts to provide theoretical as well as practical approaches to solve open problems through their elite research work. This book increases knowledge in the following topics such as e‐learning, e‐Government, Data mining in e‐learning based systems, LMS systems, security in e‐learning based systems, surveys regarding teachers to use e‐learning systems, analysis of intelligent agents using e‐learning, assessment methods for e‐learning and barriers to use of effective e‐learning systems in education. Basically this book is an open platform for creative discussion for future e‐learning based systems which are essential to understand for the students, researchers, academic personals and industry related people to enhance their capabilities to capture new ideas and provides valuable solution to an international community.

The content :

1- E-Learning Indicators: A Multidimensional Model For Planning Developing And Evaluating E-Learning Software Solutions
by Bekim Fetaji and Majlinda Fetaji
2- Barriers to Effective use of Information Technology in Science Education at Yanbu Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
by Abdulkareem Eid S. Alwani and Safeeullah Soomro
3- The Use of Multi-Agents\' Systems in e-Learning Platforms
by Tomasz Marcin Orzechowski
4- Quality Metrics of an Integrated E-learning System – Students’ Perspective
by Ksenija Klasnic, Jadranka Lasic-Lazic and Sanja Seljan
5-Intelligent Interaction Support for E-learning
by Takashi Yukawa and Yoshimi Fukumura
6- Supporting Technologies for Synchronous E-learning
by Juan C. Granda, Christian Uria, Francisco J. Suarez and Daniel F. Garcia
7- Bayesian Agent in E-learning
by Maomi Ueno
8- Data Mining for Instructional Design, Learning and Assessment
by Lluis Vicent and Xavier Gumara
9- A Learning Style – Driven Architecture Build on Open Source LMS’s Infrastructure for Creation of Psycho-Pedagogically – ‘Savvy’ Personalized Learning Paths
by Tania Al. Kerkiri, Angela-M. Paleologou, Dimitris Konetas and Kostantinos Chatzinikolaou
10- E-learning in Information Accessibility of Disabled Assistant Technology
by Chunlian Li and Yu Sun
11- Application of Data-Mining Technology on E-Learning Material Recommendation
by Feng-Jung Liu and Bai-Jiun Shih
12- Loosely-Tied Distributed Architecture for Highly Scalable E-Learning System
by Gierlowski and Nowicki
13- Evolution of Collaborative Learning Environments Based on Desktop Computer to Mobile Computing: A Model-Based Approach
by Ana I. Molina, William J. Giraldo, Francisco Jurado, Miguel A. Redondo and Manuel Ortega
14- From the Discovery of Students Access Patterns in E-learning Including Web 2.0 Resources to the Prediction and Enhancement of Students Outcome
by Raquel Hijon-Neira and Angel Velazquez-Iturbide
15- Dependable E-learning Systems
by Ali Al-Dahoud, Marek Woda and Tomasz Walkowiak
16- Ontology-driven Annotation and Access of Educational Video Data in E-learning
by Aijuan Dong, Honglin Li and Baoying Wang
17- When a Robot Turns into a Totem: the RoboBeggar Case
by Gaetano La Russa, Erkki Sutinen and Johannes C. Cronje
18- Virtual Patients as a Practical Realisation of the E-learning Idea in Medicine
by Andrzej A. Kononowicz and Inga Hege
19- Data Warehouse Technology and Application in Data Centre Design for E-government
by Xuanzi Hu
20- The Emergence of the Intelligent Government in the Second Society
by Dennis de Kool and Johan van Wamelen
21- A Lightweight SOA-based Collaboration Framework for European Public Sector
by Adomas Svirskas, Jelena Isacenkova and Refik Molva
22- Spatial Aided Decision-making System for E-Government
by Liang Wang, Rong Zhao, Bin Li, Jiping Liu and Qingpu Zhang
23- Evaluating Local E-Government: a Comparative Study of Greek Prefecture Websites
by Prodromos Yannas and Georgios Lappas

Edited by Safeeullah Soomro, ISBN 978-953-307-092-6, Hard cover, 452 pages, Publisher: InTech, Published: April 01, 2010 under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, in subject Technology
DOI: 10.5772/199

Social Media and Employee Communications

Conference Webcast Schedule :

Introduction to the Institute for Human Resources Social Media and Employee Communications
September 12 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ET    
Colleen Peck, IHR Facilitator - Social Media and Employee Communications(

Implementing Social Technologies Within Your Organization
September 12 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET    
Kevin Jones, Collaboration / Organizational Strategist(

Absurdum. Fidem. Dignitatem.
September 12 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET    
Robert von Kampen PhD, President(RAPSD, LLC [rap-suh-dee])

Beyond Facebook and LinkedIn: An Overview of the Entire Social Media Landscape
September 12 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET    
Krista Neher, CEO(Boot Camp Digital)

Feedback, Feed-Forward: Giving Your People the Feedback They Need To Succeed!
September 12 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET    
Jeremy Lurey, CEO & Chief Architect(Plus Delta Consulting, LLC)

Social Media: It's not Just a Tool for Marketing. HR Can Leverage the Power of Social Communities
September 12 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET    
Kim Brechin, Founder(Look-Solutions Consulting)

Maximizing LinkedIn for HR Professionals
September 12 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET    
Chris Burdge, President(BWEST Interactive)

You’ve Got Organizational Change – What’s the Right Approach for the Social Media Strategy?
September 12 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET    
Rich S Pirrotta, Managing Director(Whitehall Group, LLC)

TextTeams – Digital Team Building With Texting Phones
September 12 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET    
John Chen, CEO(Geoteaming)

Managing Success: Effective Manager-Employee Relationships
September 13 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET    
Jeremy Henderson, Chief Client Partner, Founder(Jungle Red Communication)

How HR Can Support Frontline Managers in Communicating
September 13 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET    
Allison Jackson, Director, Global Internal Communications(Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.)

Employment Decisions 2.0: The legalities of using social media for hiring and firing
September 13 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET    
Eric Meyer, Attorney(Dilworth Paxson LLP)

How to Leverage Your Offline Credibility Online Through Personal Online Branding
September 13 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET    
Grant Goodwin, President(All Roads Inc.)

Mr Clarity On How To Fix Internal Communications Problems: Fix It or Flounder in the 21st Century!
September 13 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET    
Mark Grimm, President(Mark Grimm Communications)

Social Media Recruitment Strategy: Listen, Participate, Create
September 13 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET    
Carisa Miklusak, CEO(tMedia Strategies)

Navigating Social Media and Legal Concerns: A HR Guide
September 13 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET    
Elizabeth Lalli-Reese, Principal, Texas Strategic HR & F150 HR Business Partner(Arrow Electronics)

Sep 3, 2012

Web 2 Tools in Education -A Quick Guide

Content of the guide :


Good time.

Sep 2, 2012

Games and Simulations - Now in HTML5

The session will cover:
Why mLearning?
What are the challenges the developers face while creating mLearning courses?
Raptivity - A solution for your mLearning needs
Raptivity HTML5 Demo

Create Effective Mobile Learning with HTML5 Interactions
Raptivity now supports 90+ interactions in HTML5 format with the launch of MindPlay TurboPack, WordPlay TurboPack, Simulations TurboPack and Booster Pack1. With this you can create variety of interactions such as Strategy games, Game shows, Simulations, Crosswords and others for your mobile learning needs. With the vast library of HTML5 interactions, now enhance the learning experience across various devices.

join this webinar "Raptivity launches Games and Simulations - Now in HTML5". This session will showcase Raptivity's HTML5 features.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Become an eBOOK Publisher for eReaders, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices

Technical documentation teams are now moving Policies and Procedures project content from the desktop to mobile devices and tablets. Adobe RoboHelp 10 supports the new ePub 3 (and ePub 2.0.1) as well as the Kindle Fire (KF8) formats. The publishing targets are eBook readers (such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble's, Nook, etc.) as well as tablets users (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook, etc.) and even smartphones such as Motorola's Droid and Samsung's Galaxy S series.

In this eSeminar you will learn how to:

Prepare an existing RoboHelp project for generating to many devices using the new eBook Single Source Layout.
Optimize content maximum compatibility to adapt and accommodate a growing number of eBook readers and mobile devices.
Create an eBook Single Source Layout for ePub 3 and Kindle Book.
Enter Meta Information including publisher and copyright info as well as a Cover Image.
Validate the content in accordance with requirements of the Apple Store.

Presenters: This eSeminar is hosted by Adobe Certified RoboHelp Instructor John Daigle and his guest, Kevin Siegel. John teaches and consults Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe Captivate and is based in Evergreen, Colorado ( Kevin Siegel is founder of IconLogic and develops courseware for Adobe RoboHelp and many other Adobe products. He distributes his courseware using the ePUB format and is based near Baltimore, Maryland (

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Good time.