Nov 24, 2011

Improving Performance with Mobile Delivery: Creating a Business Case and Moving the Strategy

By 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devises are predicted to be in service around the globe, our expected population increase will only grow to 7.2 billion. Hailed as the fastest adopted technology in modern history, the mobile device is both an opportunity and an obstacle to today’s businesses. Users have greater control in a mobile environment over what they can view, what they are exposed to, and how they interact with content pushed in their direction. Attempting to fit old marketing, old concepts, or even old learning into a mobile environment can be both frustrating and rarely garners the performance hoped for by the initiative. Learning organizations who understand the value of this new medium, have learned to develop full m-learning strategies that both leverage the unique delivery model and create a business case for its integration into an organizations larger learning strategies.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Ara Ohanian, CEO and President of CertPoint, as they share key practices in developing and executing on an m-learning strategy and business case for multiple organizations.

Key take aways include:

• Key practices in assessing m-learning needs and opportunities
• Insights on understanding your needs in both a U.S. and Global market
• Approaches to developing a strategy and business case for m-learning in your organization
• Insights on leveraging the promise of HTML 5 to create a flexible m-learning strategy
• Creating m-learning that goes beyond m-performance support
• Illustrations from large and medium businesses of their m-learning business case, strategies, and execution plans

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 Thursday, November 17, 2011
 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST (U.S. & Canada)

Technology Transforms the Autism Classroom

As the rate of children being diagnosed with autism continues to climb, the challenges inherent in meeting the individual needs of each child become more difficult. Educators find themselves getting squeezed tighter and more painfully between a rock (mandates) and a hard place (dwindling resources). Technology plays an essential role in engagement, education, and opening doors to a wider world of experiences for children on the Autism Spectrum. Join us as we discuss how technology can transform the autism classroom. A look at research, hardware, software, apps and more as we shape the future through innovative technology for the child with autism.
Dr. Katharina Boser, Cognitive-Development Psychologist
Dan Herlihy, Connective Technology Solutions  
Barbara Joseph, Deputy Superintendent, NYCDOE, District 75
Leslie Schecht, Director of Technology, NYCDOE, District 75
Tuesday November 29, 2011 
 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

GoToTraining‏ Best Practices Guide

This new GoToTraining best practices guide explains how to take your online training to new heights and gets you on the path to becoming a virtual training expert.

Download the guide to learn:
  • Best practices for course design, preparation, promotion, delivery and follow-up
  • Tips for using GoToTraining to your best advantage
  • What's on the step-by-step checklist for conducting training sessions
  • And more...
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Creating Visual Stories That Resonate

Teachable moments begin with transforming an audience, but an audience will only change if you resonate with them.
Join us for this webinar, sponsored by GoToTraining, to hear presentation innovator Nancy Duarte demonstrate a new way to create a powerful connection with your audience. Nancy will show how to communicate with carefully crafted messages and how to train learners so they are transformed and help their organization succeed.
Attend this live, interactive webinar and discover how to:
  • Develop compelling messages
  • Communicate your materials and message
  • Use time-tested story-telling principles to connect
  • And more...
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Wednesday, December 7
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Nov 11, 2011

Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention - Free Course

This is a free course frpm Alison :
 Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention

Around the world, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are affecting the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people. These diseases are no longer confined to the developed world as millions of people in developing countries are adopting a westernized lifestyle and are being affected by these diseases also. This free online course introduces factors that affect human health and looks in detail at diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. This course is ideal for professionals working in a health-related profession, for learners who want to learn more about diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases and how they affect human health, and for individuals who wish to understand how to protect themselves against diseases that may one day threaten their health.