Jul 7, 2011

Jackdaw e-Learning Authoring Software

The Jackdaw e-learning authoring system is a result of a collaborative project for industry that has taken nearly 10 years in the making - current users of the technology include the Learning and Development departments of many global corporations as well as individual e-learning consultants. As such it is flexible, robust and supported with an array of hosting and support options ideally suited to your requirements.


Thinking Worlds to Creat Sims and Games Rapidly

Thinking Worlds is packed with advanced features to help you create high-impact sims & games faster and easier than any other authoring tool available. It has been designed to enable novice and first-time developers (as well as advanced users) to quickly turn ideas into serious reality.
Thinking Worlds is available to download and use for free for non-commercial use.

Visual Design Principles for e-Learning Webinar

Instructional designers inevitably deal with visual design while designing e-learning screens. Aesthetic principles, technical best practices, usability principles, and standards compliance constraints are all involved. This video webinar will provide an overview of considerations in these areas. The video covers these eight, topic-specific parts

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Convergence Training Viewer

Transform a desktop computer into your own employee training station by installing the FREE Convergence Training Viewer. This is the best solution for smaller companies that need to manage and track their training program but don’t need all the features (and cost) of an enterprise-level LMS.
Best of all, the Training Viewer is connected to our online library of content, so purchasing safety and health compliance courses is as easy as buying music from your favorite online store. The Training Viewer can also import any SCORM-compliant course, including courses you’ve made yourself with popular content authoring programs like Adobe Captivate or Articulate.

Articulate vs Captivate Comparing popular rapid eLearning development tools

 A good comparison between Articulate vs Captivate
From Tony Tao, Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

The Serious Role of Play in Learning

Session Description
We all know children learn a great deal while playing, but having fun during training or professional development programs may be seen as frivolous or a waste of time.
Scientific research begs to differ. Play breaks tensions during learning, provides fresh energy and helps teams build cohesion.
Adult play in workplace instruction enhances speed of learning and boosts performance results. But, what forms of fun work best in the diversity of instructional delivery?
Judith Blair and Nancy Maresh offer examples of highly effective games, a laughter lab, methods to engage employees through novel and refreshing activities backed by best practices and research.
Webinar participants will be able and motivated to:
• Distinguish among states of optimized stress and playfulness most conducive to learning, transfer and performance
• Design activities and program components that tap the brain's natural abilities to meet challenges fast and effectively
• Determine what tactics produce creative problem solving and resilience during training and beyond

About Judith Blair 
Judith Blair, CEO Brains at Work was a stand up comedian playing the "straight man" role to born-funny Marilyn Martinez. Facing comedy club hecklers and drunks prepared her for corporate classroom training. Blair's background in education and HR provides facility to support design teams for E Learning, mobile delivery, social learning and individualized performance programs.

About Nancy Maresh
Nancy Maresh, Founder and Creative Director, Brains at Work created the most successful learning game seminar in the US. The Accounting GameTM taught a semester of college accounting in a day by playing with low dollar transactions and a simple business. Today, those approaches work regardless of how employees are trained: disarm feelings of resistance or low competence, use simulations to learn complex concepts and enjoy practicing new knowledge.

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An Introduction to Social Media Webinar

Webinar Overview
This fast-paced, 60-minute, social media webinar will give participants a quick overview of the new world of social media and how businesses can take advantage of its benefits. This webinar will offer a look into the tools and knowledge you need for growth, including introductions to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other online social media tools.

Webinar Goals
-Learn the basics of social media.
-Learn some basic social media marketing ideas.
-Learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
-Learn about some of the newest social media sites.

Recoded Webinar

The Case for Live Virtual Training: Weighing the Alternatives and Maximizing Your ROI

Session Description:
In today's world of live online training, decision-makers need to understand the key types of virtual training and how they fit together.
They also need to know virtual training's critical success factors and how to create a total, continuous virtual learning environment that can deliver business impact.
Join this webinar with Martyn Lewis, principal of 3g Selling, as he delves into the hot topic of maximizing the ROI of virtual training. He will discuss the deeper issues that can make or break the success of any training programin today's technology-enabled world.
Attend this live webinar to discover:
  • The ROI model for virtual training vs. face-to-face classroom training
  • The difference between live and asynchronous virtual training
  • The top 5 traps that inhibit virtual training ROI
  • Keys to getting started with live, virtual online training
About Martyn Lewis
Martyn Lewis is a virtual learning thought leader, entrepreneur, sales consultant, facilitator, author, and keynote speaker. He founded two companies: Market-Partners and 3g Selling, which offers an integrated learning format, proven sales methodology, and program customization.

About Lorri Freifeld
As Editor-in-Chief of Training and Sales & Marketing Management magazines, Lorri Freifeld has a bird's eye view of how organizations are communicating today with technology.
A writer/editor for the last 16 years, she has held editing positions at a variety of publications, including License! Global, Global Cosmetic Industry, BFiA, KPMG Consumer Markets Insider online news service, EyeWear magazine, and Chief Executive magazine. She holds a bachelor's of science degree from St. John's University and a master's degree in journalism from New York University.

Recoded Webinar

Webinar Education Series

Planning Your First Webinar
The What, Why and How to Make it a Success

Get Quality Sales Leads Using Webinars
Using Webinars

Deliver Cost-Effective Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals
How to Use Webinars as an Effective Training Tool

Continuing Education for Legal Professionals

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Next Generation Solutions for Learning Anytime, Anywhere in Any Modality

This concept taps into the reality we've been working on that allows a learner seamlessly flow through the learning experience from desktop to smartphone to tablet to TV whenever the time or mood suits them.
Apps are now available on virtually every electronic device we touch and use in our daily lives, and cloud computing models enable the ability to synchronize and manage the learning experience on whatever device best suits our environment and mood.

About Robert Gadd
Robert Gadd is co-founder and President of OnPoint Digital and directs the company's technology strategy and vision. He is a recognized industry leader and frequent speaker on learning solutions and mobile learning technologies. Prior to founding OnPoint in 2001, Robert was president of eDeploy.com, a Web-based project collaboration developer for tech OEMs, carriers, and systems integrators based in Denver, CO. Prior to eDeploy, he was Chief Technology Officer of Datatec Systems, a leading systems integrator for Global 2000 companies with more than 1,000 employees and worldwide operations. 

PRESTO! Learning Activities That Are Fun and Quick and Make Learning Stick

Session Description: 
In this session, you will experience a variety of hands-on, high-energy, 3-minute activities and strategies that work like Magic to engage, entertain and serve as effective learning tools to help make learning stick. Whether you are a teacher or a trainer, you will find games that you can immediately use in your own classroom with any topic, any age group, and any audience. They promise to keep your learners involved from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave.

About Tracy Tagliati
Tracy Tagliati, CPLP, has led a nomadic life: Born in Mildenhall, England, she grew up as a military brat in Europe, Japan, and throughout the United States. Settling in Los Angeles, CA, she founded T&T, an organization that specializes in activities-based training for corporate clients. Prior to that, Tracy was VP of sales and training at Mindset Development, a training franchise of Crestcom International, and a corporate trainer at Mercury Insurance Group. She is active in ASTD (both at the national and the local chapter levels) and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). 

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Mobile Learning Basics + Free Mobile Learning Guide

The ADL Mobile Learning Team recently released a mobile version of their mLearning Guide on the web and in various mobile platform stores. Join the webinar for discussion on the single development for deployment on multiple devices and choices made in development. Lessons learned will be shared.

About Judy Brown

Judy Brown is a Mobile Learning Strategic Analyst who retired as the Emerging Technology Analyst in the Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT) at the University of Wisconsin System Administration in 2006. As such, for six years (2000-2006) she was the Founder and Director of the Academic Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Lab in partnership with the Department of Defense; conducted research on new computer directions and related technologies for the 15 institution UW System; focused on partnerships for improving learning with corporate, government and educational institutions at the Academic ADL Co-Lab in Madison, WI.

Create your E-book for your Ipad

This is from :

Recently I had created a “Read-Along” book for our first graders to accompany their Magic Tree House podcast and am continuing  to have fun creating e-books for my iPad from Word Documents, pdfs and thematic blog posts from Langwitches. Next year, we will have an iPad cart to use with our students and I am looking forward to brainstorming more ideas and opportunities to allow students to create and organize their own e-books on the iPad.
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of creating our own e-books instead of purchased textbooks?
  • What new learning opportunities can creating your e-book bring to your classroom?
  • How can we integrate teacher-created e-books, personalized for students?
  • Will student created e-books motivate, engage and empower learners?
Let’s put our heads together to think of the opportunities and possibilities. Have you already created and used your own e-books in your classroom. Please share your thoughts and ideas.

How to Make an iphone Quiz App

eLearning Strategy: A Framework for Success Webinar

Many organizations are looking to provide efficient and cost-effective training and professional development to their employees, members, partners and customers.  eLearning seems to be a good solution, but it’s difficult to know how to get started and build a foundation for a successful program.  There are so many options and opinions that it can be difficult to know which way to turn.

This Webinar provides a framework for structuring your eLearning program, and guides you on the steps to take to ensure that you have the right eLearning options in place to meet your target audience’s needs.
 Presenter Jennifer De Vries from BlueStreak Learning.

On Guard Online

Provides practical tips from the U.S. federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.
It provides Games, Videos and many topics.

It is a good site for onlime security :