Jul 7, 2011

Next Generation Solutions for Learning Anytime, Anywhere in Any Modality

This concept taps into the reality we've been working on that allows a learner seamlessly flow through the learning experience from desktop to smartphone to tablet to TV whenever the time or mood suits them.
Apps are now available on virtually every electronic device we touch and use in our daily lives, and cloud computing models enable the ability to synchronize and manage the learning experience on whatever device best suits our environment and mood.

About Robert Gadd
Robert Gadd is co-founder and President of OnPoint Digital and directs the company's technology strategy and vision. He is a recognized industry leader and frequent speaker on learning solutions and mobile learning technologies. Prior to founding OnPoint in 2001, Robert was president of eDeploy.com, a Web-based project collaboration developer for tech OEMs, carriers, and systems integrators based in Denver, CO. Prior to eDeploy, he was Chief Technology Officer of Datatec Systems, a leading systems integrator for Global 2000 companies with more than 1,000 employees and worldwide operations. 

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