Jan 18, 2013

Exploring the Business Case for Open Educational Resources - ebook

Table of Contents:
1 The Context of OER
   1.1 Global Trends and Challenges in Education
   1.2 The OER Value Proposition

2 The Economics of OER
   2.1 Introduction
   2.2 OER and Course Design
         The value of investing in course design
         Costing for course design and development
         A case study from Guyana
   2.3 OER and Textbook Publishing
         The cost of textbooks in Brazil
         Educational textbooks in South African secondary education
         Other emerging trends in open textbooks
   2.4 Open Access Publishing
   2.5 OER and Accreditation

3 Conclusion

4 References

by Neil Butcher (Author), Sarah Hoosen (Author)
Publishers: COL (September 2012)