Nov 24, 2011

Improving Performance with Mobile Delivery: Creating a Business Case and Moving the Strategy

By 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devises are predicted to be in service around the globe, our expected population increase will only grow to 7.2 billion. Hailed as the fastest adopted technology in modern history, the mobile device is both an opportunity and an obstacle to today’s businesses. Users have greater control in a mobile environment over what they can view, what they are exposed to, and how they interact with content pushed in their direction. Attempting to fit old marketing, old concepts, or even old learning into a mobile environment can be both frustrating and rarely garners the performance hoped for by the initiative. Learning organizations who understand the value of this new medium, have learned to develop full m-learning strategies that both leverage the unique delivery model and create a business case for its integration into an organizations larger learning strategies.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Ara Ohanian, CEO and President of CertPoint, as they share key practices in developing and executing on an m-learning strategy and business case for multiple organizations.

Key take aways include:

• Key practices in assessing m-learning needs and opportunities
• Insights on understanding your needs in both a U.S. and Global market
• Approaches to developing a strategy and business case for m-learning in your organization
• Insights on leveraging the promise of HTML 5 to create a flexible m-learning strategy
• Creating m-learning that goes beyond m-performance support
• Illustrations from large and medium businesses of their m-learning business case, strategies, and execution plans

Free webinar
 Thursday, November 17, 2011
 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST (U.S. & Canada)

Technology Transforms the Autism Classroom

As the rate of children being diagnosed with autism continues to climb, the challenges inherent in meeting the individual needs of each child become more difficult. Educators find themselves getting squeezed tighter and more painfully between a rock (mandates) and a hard place (dwindling resources). Technology plays an essential role in engagement, education, and opening doors to a wider world of experiences for children on the Autism Spectrum. Join us as we discuss how technology can transform the autism classroom. A look at research, hardware, software, apps and more as we shape the future through innovative technology for the child with autism.
Dr. Katharina Boser, Cognitive-Development Psychologist
Dan Herlihy, Connective Technology Solutions  
Barbara Joseph, Deputy Superintendent, NYCDOE, District 75
Leslie Schecht, Director of Technology, NYCDOE, District 75
Tuesday November 29, 2011 
 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

GoToTraining‏ Best Practices Guide

This new GoToTraining best practices guide explains how to take your online training to new heights and gets you on the path to becoming a virtual training expert.

Download the guide to learn:
  • Best practices for course design, preparation, promotion, delivery and follow-up
  • Tips for using GoToTraining to your best advantage
  • What's on the step-by-step checklist for conducting training sessions
  • And more...
You can Download the Gide From Here :

Creating Visual Stories That Resonate

Teachable moments begin with transforming an audience, but an audience will only change if you resonate with them.
Join us for this webinar, sponsored by GoToTraining, to hear presentation innovator Nancy Duarte demonstrate a new way to create a powerful connection with your audience. Nancy will show how to communicate with carefully crafted messages and how to train learners so they are transformed and help their organization succeed.
Attend this live, interactive webinar and discover how to:
  • Develop compelling messages
  • Communicate your materials and message
  • Use time-tested story-telling principles to connect
  • And more...
Register today for this free, one-hour webinar

Wednesday, December 7
2pm ET / 11am PT

Nov 11, 2011

Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention - Free Course

This is a free course frpm Alison :
 Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention

Around the world, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are affecting the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people. These diseases are no longer confined to the developed world as millions of people in developing countries are adopting a westernized lifestyle and are being affected by these diseases also. This free online course introduces factors that affect human health and looks in detail at diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. This course is ideal for professionals working in a health-related profession, for learners who want to learn more about diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases and how they affect human health, and for individuals who wish to understand how to protect themselves against diseases that may one day threaten their health.

Oct 21, 2011

Raptivity 6.6 launch webinar on 1st November 2011 - Webinar

Join us for the launch webinar of Raptivity v6.6 to experience the plethora of new features that would allow you to create interactions much faster and extend them beyond their normal look! Experience the flexibility of these packs that will empower you like never before! Get started with your mobile learning options with the new HTML5 Starter Pack with instructionally sound interactions.

This session will cover :
Demo of new HTML5 Starter Pack
Demo of much demanded usability features
How FlexiRaptivity packs change the way interactions can be built!
An interactive Q&A session to answer all your queries

Advancing Your Online Training Program with Social Media - Guide

The social media revolution has come to online training. And experts contend that trainers who embrace social media will have bigger classes and better, more collaborative interactions with students.
"There has been a revolution in both online training and social media over the past 10 years. And these two trends together have altered the training landscape forever."
–Bob Hanson, Quantum Leap Marketing
This new eGuide explores the latest uses and trends in social media and provides strategies for leveraging social media to improve the online training experience for both trainers and students.

Download the eGuide to learn:
  • What online trainers need to know about social media
  • How to create a collaborative experience and more engaging content
  • Features to look for in online training technologies
  • And more...

16 Free Tools to Create Media for Learning - Webinar

The Mobile Learning Webinar Series
As a training developer, you're no stranger to budget cuts. Companies everywhere are turning to e-learning and mobile learning as a solution to improve performance while cutting costs. But how do you create engaging, high-quality content for your online training courses? How can you make simple adjustments to images and recordings without having to spend thousands of dollars on a suite of products?

In this complimentary webinar, learn about 16 different free tools that can help you with your media creation and revision. Edit videos and vector graphics, mix audio tracks, sharpen your images, and record tutorials; all without spending a dime. Tools covered will include:

• JayCut

• Video Spin

• The Aviary Suite of Tools

• Audacity


• Jing

• Kuler

• Inkscape

• More

The presenter will show all 16 tools and give a brief description on how they can be leveraged to create professional-quality assets for your online training courses. Join us for this 1-hour event and start using all of these products today without the need for permission from a budget committee.

Strategies for Publishing Learning to the iPad: What You Need to Know

Analysts estimate that by 2014, 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets. Are you ready?

Learn more about current trends and best practices for developing on the iPad and other emerging tablets by registering for this one-hour webcast.

Based on ongoing research, Mary Laplante, Vice President and Lead Analyst with Outsell, will present strategies for:

• Developing content that creates compelling experiences on tablets and other mobile devices
• Leveraging existing content for rapid publishing to iPad/tablets
• Enabling continuous updates of learning content based on user commentary and ratings
• Showing the ROI of deploying a single-source content strategy

All registered attendees will receive a free copy of Outsell’s latest white paper, “Smart Strategies for Mobile Learning Content Development.”

About Mary Laplante :
Mary has more than 27 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting arenas. As a member of the Content Technology Practice at Outsell, Inc., she covers content globalization, digital publishing, and XML.

Outsell is a research and advisory firm that helps the world’s publishers, information providers, and enterprise marketers grow revenue, deliver superior solutions, optimize their clients’ performance, and thrive in a fast-changing global digital market.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
12pm MST
2pm EST

The Case for Live Virtual Training: Maximizing Your ROI - Webinar

In today’s world of live online training, decision-makers need to understand the key types of virtual training and how they fit together.
They also need to know virtual training’s critical success factors and how to create a total, continuous virtual learning environment that can deliver business impact.
Join this webinar with Martyn Lewis, principal and founder of 3g Selling, as he delves into the hot topic of maximizing the ROI of virtual training. He will discuss the deeper issues that can make or break the success of any training program in today’s technology-enabled world.
Attend this live webinar to discover:
  • The ROI model for virtual training vs. face-to-face classroom training
  • The difference between live and asynchronous virtual training
  • The top 5 traps that inhibit virtual training ROI
Martyn Lewis, Founder, 3g Selling, Martyn Lewis is an esteemed entrepreneur, sales consultant, facilitator and keynote speaker.  The founder of two successful companies—Market-Partners and 3g Selling—Martyn brings to his live speaking engagements and webinars a singular combination of subject matter mastery and applied experience.
Martyn authored "Sales Wise" (2006), and co-authored "The Quest for Customers" in 21st Century Selling (2001). He acts as a coach and mentor to sales professionals, small-business owners and top-level executives.
James Hilliard, President, Hilly Productions, James started his media career in San Francisco working for the top news/talk radio stations. He entered the world of high-tech in 1999 as a reporter/host for ZDTV Radio. In 2000 he joined CNET Radio 910am in San Francisco as Assignment Editor and watched over the tech bubble and it's implosion. In 2003, he turned his attention to podcasting and webcasting and has over 800 webcasts under his belt, bringing lively and engaging content to high-tech professionals worldwide.  James is the President of Hilly Productions, where he works with a variety of companies, supporting them with creative audio and video marketing programs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT

Oct 13, 2011

Blended Learning Case Studies: How Brick and Mortar Schools are Taking Advantage of Online Learning Options

Michael B. Horn is the co-founder and Executive Director, Education of Innosight Institute, a not-for-profit think tank devoted to applying the theories of disruptive innovation to problems in the social sector. He is the coauthor of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns (McGraw-Hill: June 2008) with Harvard Business School Professor and bestselling author Clayton M. Christensen and Curtis W. Johnson, president of the Citistates Group. BusinessWeek named the book one of the 10 Best Innovation & Design Books of 2008, Strategy + Business awarded it the best human capital book of 2008, Newsweek named it as the 14th book on its list of “Fifty Books for Our Times,” and the National Chamber Foundation named it first among its 10 “Books that Drive the Debate 2009.”
Ms. Gloria Keaton, Instructional Coordinator with the Office of Alternative Programs in Prince George's County Public School will speak about ACCESS Online - a blended program that opened its doors in September, 2010.
FREE Best Practices in Blended Learning White Paper
All registrants will also receive a free white paper that will provide you with:
Real-world examples of successful Blended Learning programs
Best practices for designing a highly effective program;
Unique insights and practical tips for successfully administering a world-class blended learning program.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 19th
Time: 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT
Duration: 1 hour

You can have more information here

Get Interactive in Your Classroom - Webinar

Get Interactive in Your Classroom!
How to transform existing classroom whiteboards and walls into interactive teaching spaces
Did you know that you can easily transform your classroom’s standard whiteboard or even its walls into an interactive whiteboard? With technology from Sony and Luidia teachers and students can interact in new and exciting ways with a fully functional interactive board created from an existing classroom surface!
Learn how to unleash the potential of this amazing technology and how to easily and effectively use an interactive whiteboard all day, for a variety of daily K-8 classroom activities and management.
During this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to transform existing classroom whiteboards and walls into interactive teaching spaces
  • Infuse Interactivity throughout the day with examples of actual lessons
  • Create a flexible and powerful learning environment for students
  • Bring Lessons to life with rich interactive tools and media
Presenters :
Kathryn Hunt, Sr Manager Sales Enablement, Luidia Inc. 
Shari Sentlowitz, Sony Electronics, Inc, National Manager, Education and Government Solutions 

Thursday October 13, 2011 | 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST
More information :

Is your organization ready to rapidly meet the needs of mobile learners ?

Is  your organization ready to rapidly meet the needs of mobile learners?

There’s no doubt that the Learning & Development industry has been profoundly influenced by the rapid adoption of the iPad and other tablets. Learn more about current trends and best practices for developing to for this new platform and other emerging tablets by registering for this one-hour webcast.

Based on ongoing research, Mary Laplante, Vice President and Lead Analyst with Outsell, will present strategies for:

• Developing content that creates compelling experiences on tablets and other mobile devices
• Leveraging existing content for rapid iPad/tablet deployment
• Enabling continuous updates of learning content based on user commentary and ratings
• Showing the ROI of deploying a single-source content strategy

All registered attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Outsell’s latest white paper,“Smart Strategies for Mobile Learning Content Development.”

About Mary Laplante

Mary has more than 27 years of experience in standards, publishing, software marketing, and research and consulting arenas. As a member of the  Content Technology Practice at Outsell, Inc., she covers content globalization, digital publishing, and XML.

Outsell is a research and advisory firm that helps the world’s publishers, information providers, and enterprise marketers grow revenue, deliver superior solutions, optimize their clients’ performance, and thrive in a fast-changing global digital market.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
12pm MST
2pm EST

Webinar : LearningLeaks: How Secure is Your LMS ?

Even with the widespread coverage of the theft of personal information, intellectual property and other asset misappropriation, many enterprises and government agencies still underestimate their vulnerability to security threats when it comes to learning, talent or HR management systems. As repositories for highly confidential – and sensitive – information, it’s important for businesses to keep these systems safe.

Join us for this webinar, sponsored by NetDimensions, as we share with you best practices to keep your business intelligence safe and secure. Our panel of analysts, executives and experts will interact with you as they help you understand the threats you face and the solutions that are available.

Our online panel of industry luminaries will show you:

•  The business drivers, risks, and regulations associated with security and your LMS/TMS/HRMS.
•  The types of security threats that may affect these applications based on a review of recent breaches.
•  The impact of social media & mobile learning in security & privacy.
•  Security considerations for moving to a SaaS model vs. an on-premise model.
•  The importance of the different standards (SAS 70, ISO 27001, Safe Harbor).
•  Best practices for securing your people data and your information.

Register today for this free, one-hour webinar.

Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, IDC
David Wilson, Founder & Managing Director, Elearnity
Don Fergus, CISSP/CRISC Senior Advisor, InfoSec and IT Risk Services, Intekras
Jay Shaw, CEO & Managing Director, NetDimensions

You can have more information and register here :

Interactive Lectures is not an Oxymoron - Webinar

Session Description
The lecture method is the most ridiculed training technique because it involves passive learning on the part of the participant. In contrast, Interactive Lectures involve the participants in the learning process while providing complete control to the instructor. These activities enable a quick and easy conversion of a passive presentation into an interactive experience. We will explore different types of interactive lectures that incorporate built-in quizzes, interspersed tasks, and teamwork interludes.

About Tracy Tagliati
Tracy Tagliati, CPLP knows how to engage the learner. As the training manager at Move, Inc. and an associate at the Thiagi Group, Tracy works directly with key executives and managers to conduct performance analyses and develop customized programs using a rapid instructional design approach. Her specialty is activities-based training in both instructor-led and web-based environments. She has co-authored two books with Thiagi on topics relating to interactive learning techniques and has presented at numerous international conferences. Her mission is helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. She is active in ASTD, ISPI and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA).

About Thiagi
Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan is the Resident Mad Scientist at The Thiagi Group, an organization with the mission of helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably.
Thiagi's long-term clients include AT&T, Arthur Andersen, Bank of Montreal, Cadence Design Systems, Chevron, IBM, Intel, Intelsat, United Airlines, and Liberty Mutual. On a short-term basis, Thiagi has worked with more than 50 different organizations in high-tech, financial services, and management consulting areas. For these clients, Thiagi has consulted and conducted training in such areas as rightsizing, diversity, creativity, teamwork, customer satisfaction, human performance technology, and organizational learning.
Thiagi has published 40 books, 120 games and simulations, and more than 200 articles. He wrote the definitive chapters on simulations and games for ISPI's Handbook of Human Performance Technology, ASTD's Training & Development Handbook, and the American Management Association's Human Resources Management and Development Handbook.
Thiagi currently writes a monthly online newsletter, Thiagi GameLetter. This newsletter, now in its fifth year, features Thiagi's training games and other creative interventions that deliver results quickly and effectively. He served as the editor of NSPI Journal and Performance & Improvement for more than 10 years. He currently edits the simulation/game section in Sage Publication's journal, Simulation & Gaming. He is also a contributing editor of the monthly journal, Educational Technology.
Thiagi has made hundreds of presentations and keynote speeches at professional conferences. At ISPI, Thiagi holds the "records" for making the most presentations, conducting the most preconference workshops, and being invited to make the most Encore presentations. Thiagi is also a regular presenter at Lakewood's TRAINING Conferences and the annual conferences of American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA).
Thiagi has been the president of the North American Simulation and Gaming Associating (NASAGA), International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and Association for Special Education Technology (ASET). He has received 17 different awards and Presidential Citations from ISPI, including the society's highest award, Honorary Life Member. He also received an Honorary Life Member award from NASAGA as well as its highest award, Ifill-Raynolds Award.

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Time: 10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern (60 Minute Session)

Adobe Captivate Widget: Dynamic PDF Export

Create certificates, transcripts, guides and job aids with the Learner’s custom information.  Add a company logo, watermark, or a high-resolution certificate image to make your custom certificates.  Dynamically export Quiz, System, and User variables tailoring the content to your exact needs.  When the button is pressed, the Learner is prompted to save the PDF to their computer.  This widget was made with the awesome CpGears Framework and the AlivePDFlibrary.

More information :

Ensuring Engagement through Online Learning - Webinar

Virtual learning is exploding these days, and organizations are turning to online delivery of training for a variety of good reasons, including savings on budget and time. But as more and more learners are herded into online classrooms, it becomes more and more important to keep them actively involved and thoroughly engaged. Otherwise, learning objectives fall flat.
Join us for this webinar as we share a special - and especially engaging - program to help you keep your learners in step with your virtual training. This webinar will feature a panel of presenters who will interact with you as they share information on best practices, tools, ideas and inspirations to help you make your virtual training hit the highest marks for your organization.

Active participants in this dynamic discussion will include:
  • Randah McKinnie, principal product manager for Adobe Connect, who will address tactical strategies for ensuring engagement.
  • Cynthia Clay, president & CEO of NetSpeed Learning, who will focus on how to create and apply engaging training techniques.
  • Carie Blum, global learning services program manager for Xerox Corporation, who will show how learner engagement is a strategic business tool for organizations of all sizes.
  • You and your professional peers from around the globe, who will help shape the pace and focus of the discussion through your contributions, discussions and input to this interactive - and fun - webinar.
At this exciting webinar, you will learn:

  • 5 best practices for intentional engagement and how to apply those in your training initiatives.
  • The role technology plays in making virtual classrooms engaging and productive.
  • How to keep learning alive during - and after - online learning.
  • How people, processes and technology come together in highly successful virtual programs.
  • And more.
Friday, October 21, 2011
10am-11am PT

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4 Principles of Online Learning - Free Guide

Online training makes sense. You can reach more people in more places in less time. But how can you ensure that this training is truly effective? Read this white paper for the experts' top tips for scalable, effective training. From content to your online "room" setup, there's a wealth of online training knowledge here.
This white paper covers:
  • Creating compelling content
  • Your online classroom
  • Promoting your training sessions effectively
  • And much more
You can download it from here :

Raptivity releases HTML5 Starter Pack with v6.6‏

Raptivity releases HTML5 Starter Pack with v6.6‏

The HTML5 starter pack contains various interaction models to create  interactions for various eLearning stages. These interactions have been  designed to create interactive learning which can be seamlessly used in both eLearning and mLearning environments. It publishes the output in SWF as well as HTML5 formats.

More Information :

Diploma in Social Work Studies

This is a free Diploma in Social Work Studies From Alison

Social workers are committed professionals who work in partnership with individuals, families and groups experiencing marginalisation, disadvantage or social difficulties. This free online course in social work studies will give you a thorough knowledge and understanding of what social work is, the skills needed to be a social worker, and what social workers do. There are also some video and audio based case studies which will help you further understand the social issues that are presented to social workers and how social workers respond to them. This course is ideal for professionals who are already in a health-related or care-giving occupation and who want to learn more about social work, and for learners who are interested in social work as a career.
More information

Good Luck

Oct 9, 2011

Google's Chromebook Classrooms‏ - Webinar

Chromebooks for Education gives students, teachers, and administrators a solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. With a central web-based management console for all of your Chromebooks, automatic maintenance and upgrades, and an 8 second boot-up time, Chromebooks for Education are at home in the classroom (and beyond). This webinar will discuss everything you need to know to set up a Chromebook classroom in your school – from the product and its benefits to technical requirements and pricing. You'll hear from the Chromebooks team at Google and educators currently using Chromebooks with students.
Bullet points on what you will learn:
  • Overview of Chromebooks 
  • Benefits of Chromebooks in classrooms
  • Chromebook management
  • Specific school use case solutions
  • Pricing, support, and warranty detail
Jeff Keltner, Head of Sales and Business Development, ChromeOS, Google Enterprise 
Jaime Casap, Senior Education Evangelist, ChromeOS and Google Apps for Education, Google, Enterprise

Wednesday October 12, 2011 | 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


Web 3.0 and Mobile Learning Technologies - Webinar

On the webcast registration page, click "REGISTER" at the bottom. The password is astd, all lower case.
Web 3.0 and Mobile Learning Technologies Webinar combines two recent research reports focused on how technology has influenced the learning function. David Wentworth, Senior Research Analyst with i4cp, will discuss the various components of Web 3.0 and how they might influence the future of learning, with an emphasis on the practices of high-performance organizations.
More specifically, the webinar also looks at mobile learning answering the questions what does mobile learning mean for learning professionals and the learning function? How will it affect instructional design? What influence, if any, will device manufacturers, platform providers, and software developers have on mobile learning’s future?

This webinar has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 13th at 1pmEDT.
Free to ASTD members and nonmembers.

Oct 7, 2011

2011 Learning & Workplace Technology Trends

Which trends are real and which are fads? Join this session and hear Joe’s predictions and advice on which trends you should be investing in now. Learning practitioners will join the debate and discuss: Cloud vs SaaS; The future of learning systems; Re-engineering education in the mobile & YouTube world; and The value of extended enterprise learning.

Date: Thursday, November 3rd
Time: 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET
Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group

Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer's Roadmap to Success

Have you been asked to deliver virtual training but aren't sure where to start? That's normal - preparing for a virtual training is a lot different than prepping for one that's happening a few feet away.

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to build a training session aimed specifically at a virtual audience. You will leave the session with an action plan for preparing your own training sessions and a road map to assess yourself against those steps.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:
  • Follow 7 key steps to become an effective virtual classroom trainer.
  • Apply classroom delivery techniques to the virtual classroom.
  • Create an individual action plan for migrating from the physical to the virtual classroom.
Date: Wednesday, October 5th
Time: 11:00 am PDT/ 2:00 pm ET
Speakers: Cindy Huggett, CPLP

Sep 23, 2011

Education at a Glance 2011: OECD Indicators - Book

Across OECD countries, governments are having to work with shrinking public budgets while designing policies to make education more effective and responsive to growing demand.
The 2011 edition of Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries’ performance. It provides a broad array of comparable indicators on education systems and represents the consensus of professional thinking on how to measure the current state of education internationally.
The indicators show who participates in education, how much is spent on it, and how education systems operate. They also illustrate a wide range of educational outcomes, comparing, for example, student performance in key subjects and the impact of education on earnings and on adults’ chances of employment.
The Excel™ spreadsheets used to create the tables and charts in this book are available via the StatLinks printed in this book.

New material in this edition includes:
  • an analysis of tuition-fee reforms implemented since 1995;
  • indicators on the relationship between social background and learning outcomes;
  • indicators on school accountability in public and private schools;
  • an indicator on the fields of education chosen by students;
  • an indicator on labour market outcomes of students from vocational and academic programmes;
  • indicators on the scope of adult education and training;
  • indicators on student engagement in reading.  
More :

Sep 22, 2011

YouTube Launches New Site for Teachers

There are thousands of inspirational and educational videos on YouTube right now. Many are perfect for your classroom. Knowing this, YouTube has created a new site that curates these videos and organizes them into an easier-to-find system that’s perfect for teachers.
YouTube Teachers is a brand new channel that displays helpful videos on teaching and learning about basically everything. If it’s a lesson plan or teaching tool, it’s probably on YouTube Teachers. Below you’ll see a few of our favorite videos that were surfaced by browsing the new YouTube Teacher site.

The source :

How Reading Online Improves Learning - Webinar

Web-based learning provides the individualized instruction to meet each child's learning progress. In this Webinar, you will learn how adaptive online reading Instruction improves comprehension scores in grades 3-5. You'll hear from the program developer and an educator whose students use these materials to understand what they read and improve their scores.

Jim Ferranti, Program Specialist, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Also Presenting:
Dr. Marta Leon, Director of Instructional Development, Headsprout
Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Time: 4:00 PM EDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Dokeos 2.1

Dokeos 2.1 is expected on September 26. This release has 2 objectives : a better integration with tablets (iPad, Android...) and the public release of some 50 bugfixes and usability issues made for our customers since Dokeos 2.0.

On the menu :
New graphical interface inspired by the Apple products
Page load quicker
Slider (images gallery sliding) on portal homepage
Audio and Video without Flash (iPad)
Modules display improved and more Presentation oriented
Improved Quiz display (more compact, compliaance with Internet Explorer 9)
Quiz answers alignment bug fixed
Better Drag & Drop in Matching question types
Chronometer and time management improved in quizzes
Position quiz media on the side / on top / no media
Learner View re-added following a lot of complaints :)
Better Copy of content from one course to the other
New Tutoring scenario in Groups
Russian language integration
Easier Contacts management in Social Network tool

1st International seminar on Higher Education Rankings and e-learning

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (OUC) will host its first international seminar on Higher Education Rankings and e-Learning. To take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 22–23 September 2011, the seminar will feature a range of international speakers, including ICDE President, Frits Pannekoek.

OUC is member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education.
University rankings have been around for at least a couple of decades now, with some sources making a case that they go as far back as the XIV century, implicit in the recognition of the Universities of Prague, Paris and Oxford as the sole of university textbooks of the time. Be that as it may, higher education performance evaluation tools have since proliferated, both at the regional and international level.
No matter what the criticism levied against the various rankings now being produced, it is undeniable that they provide, in one form or another, useful instruments for benchmarking. 
Rankings, nonetheless, have so far not kept abreast of the profound changes in higher education brought about by the opportunities offered by the ICTs, and have not – with counted exceptions – included online education in their studies.
Today most universities have, to varying degrees, adopted the Internet as a delivery mode to complement their traditional teaching.  A few universities, such our own, actually teach exclusively online, and there are staggering growth perspectives in the online student population as internet-based education gains legitimacy and is being identified as a rigorous, viable and economically sustainable alternative to residential universities.
Are rankings likely to focus on eLearning in the near future? If so, what parameters will be employed and who will be defining those? What impact will they have on online education?  If not, are present rankings of any use to online education institutions for benchmarking purposes?
The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya invites members of the university community the world over, policy makers, analysts and publishers to join experts and exchange views as they debate these issues at the 1st International Seminar on Higher Education Rankings and e-learning to be held in Barcelona, Spain on the 22nd  and 23rd of September, 2011.

The source :

More information:

DevLearn 2011 Expo Learning Stages

DevLearn refined the idea of incorporating focused learning stages into an event's expo experience and set a new standard others try to emulate. Every year, the learning stages at DevLearn are led by speakers sharing insights and ideas and packed with people who are eager to gain new information, new skills, and new knowledge. Our stages are where we showcase the best practices, hottest topics, and most innovative new ideas in learning.

Each stage offers 13 sessions spread across two days, led by leading practitioners and key industry suppliers. All stage sessions are open to full conference participants and Expo Only attendees alike.
That's 65 sessions to choose from before you even leave the Expo!

HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5

It is a great new tool .
The HTML5 Converter for Adobe® Captivate® 5.5 is an experimental technology that converts SWFs generated by Adobe Captivate 5.5 into HTML5 format. Reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Adobe Flash® runtimes.

More information and examples :

Can Rapid Authoring Meet the Needs of the Future Workplace? Webinar

The Future workplace will span five generations with learning defined by high levels of personalization, moment-of-need relevance, social collaboration and rapid technology adoption. Are your content development tools and processes ready to meet these requirements?

On September 29, learn how Baker Hughes is transforming their content development strategy from traditional rapid authoring to a new paradigm that embraces the rapid reuse of single-source content to meet the dynamic requirements of the rapidly evolving workforce.

During this interactive webinar you will learn:

- The benefits and limitations of rapid authoring tools and their role in the future workplace.
- How to develop customizable learning experiences instead of training deliverables.
- Structured knowledge capture for rapid SME-driven authoring.
- Why your content needs to be readily adaptable to future technology changes.
- How to prepare to incorporate collaboration and user-generated content from social networks into the content development process.

Asia Pacific (ASAP) Conference 2011

ASTD (American Society for Training & Development), the world's largest professional association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, has joined forces with STADA (Singapore Training & Development Association) to bring the inaugural ASTD-STADA Asia Pacific (ASAP) Conference 2011 to Singapore. 
Thought-Leadership: experts from the West and the East to share their global insights and cutting-edge tools for human capital advancement in Asia Pacific.

Conference Tracks: unique and compelling workshops on Innovation, Blended Learning & Technology and Multi-cultural Diversity.
Exhibition: showcasing the latest local and regional new technologies and learning modules to help take learning and development in new directions.

 Network: meet and learn from the best minds in HCD to exchange key management solutions to evolving challenges.

Sep 21, 2011

5 Best Practices for Structured Social Business Collaboration

Looking to reinvent management and foster innovation at your organization? Enterprise social networking should be at the top of your must-do list.
The Management Innovation eXchange (MiX) is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century. The MiX community recently piloted a "Hackathon"-an experiment in open collaboration and global ideation. The Hackathon supports collective work over individual contribution, bringing management experts from far-flung locations together in a social community.
In this Webinar, Michele Zanini, business architect at MiX, and Chris Grams, community guide for the MiX Hackathon, will share five best practices for structuring a global ideation effort, including:
  • Phase 1: Orientation and aspiration setting
  • Phase 2: Identification of specific root causes
  • Phase 3: Early "hacking" (or idea generation)
  • Phase 4: Refining the best hacks
  • Phase 5: Execution and dissemination

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (GMT -04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Chris Grams, President and Partner at New Kind
Michele Zanini, Managing director at the Management Lab

Register Here :

Sep 9, 2011

Education’s Guide to Mobile Devices

Education’s Guide to Mobile Devices:
Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Tech and Your Schools

 this latest STAR (School Technology Action Report), “Education’s Guide to Mobile Devices: Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Tech and Your Schools,” the editors of eSchool Media, Inc.—with support from Kaseya–highlight what every school needs to know about the benefits of mobile devices, why they’ve become a game-changer, and best practices concerning implementation and Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs).
In this collection of industry reports and in-depth case studies, you’ll find teacher-vetted apps and mobile technologies to help you and your schools understand what it takes to leverage mobile technology effectively. Finally, you’ll be able to tell students that it’s time to “power up!”
In this report, you’ll know more about:
 How mobile technology became a game-changer
 Mobile device best practices from teachers and schools
 Device management
 The latest in apps and mobile technology available today

Sep 8, 2011

Introduction to Live Online Learning

If you're under pressure to do more for less in 2011, then Virtual Live Classroom Learning is a must. This webinar will run through the impact Virtual Classrooms can have on learning and demonstrate why perfecting your online delivery skills is essential in creating a successful online learning environment.
The webinar will also show you how you can become a Certified Online Learning Facilitator.
The webinar is delivered by Michelle Parish a facilitator on the Certified Online Learning Facilitator programme. Experience first hand how Michelle conveys the advantages of Virtual Classroom Learning in this live and interactive webinar.
Please note that we can only accommodate 50 delegates so please register today to secure your place.
To register for the webinar follow the three simple steps below:

Date: 8 September 2011
Starts: 1.00pm
Finishes: 1.45m
Presenter: Michelle Parish

Register here:

Sep 1, 2011

Great Free elearning PowerPoint templates

These are Great Free elearning PowerPoint templates
You can download them and more from this site

Aug 23, 2011

Schoolnet Toolkit

This toolkit arose from recognition of the need among teachers in Southeast Asia for a guide book that would help them to establish or strengthen Schoolnets in their countries.
This publication was produced as part of a UNESCO project titled, "Strengthening Use of ICTs in Schools and Schoolnet in Southeast Asian Countries", funded by Japanese Funds in Trust (JFIT) and the ASEAN Foundation.
This project aimed to: a) explore and demonstrate how ICT can be used in schools to improve the quality of education and better prepare youth for the demands of the Knowledge Society; b) test innovative models of ICT use in schools and in other places of learning; and c) improve connectivity and access to educational resources through the establishment of SchoolNets in Southeast Asia. The project established or strengthened national Schoolnets in eight countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philipines, Thailand and Viet Nam).

About the Schoolnet Toolkit
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Glossary
Guidebook 1: ICTs in Education and Schoolnets
Guidebook 2: Planning Schoolnet Programmes
Guidebook 3: Implementing Schoolnet Programmes
Guidebook 4: Practitioner's Guide

Moodle Free themes

Here are some links where you can find Moodle free themes:

with video tutorial

and the best is from moodle site :
You will find hundreds of moodle templates. 

Good time.

Manual For Educational Media Researchers - Know Your Audience

Research in Educational Broadcasting
Stages of Media Research
Types of Information
Needs Assessment
Baseline Study
Audience Profiles
Sources of Information
Research Methods for Gathering Information
Survey Method (Questionnaire Technique)
Interviews as Data Collection Tools
Observation Techniques
Casey Study Method
Preparation and Presentation of Report

Dokeos Channel & Tutorials

Dokeos Channel on youtube

You can watch many good tutorials :
Create a course
Document templates
Students Reporting
Adding users to a course
Medical e-learning with Dokeos
MSF e-learning : the film
Maintain a Wiki
Forum interaction
Quiz building
Documents and Mediabox
 and more :

Manual for the Tutors of Learning Centres in Open Schools

This is a manual for all those who would like to take up the challenging task of acting as a Tutor in an educational programme following Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies. To introduce the concept of self-learning, an attempt has been made to make the manual self-instructional so that it is:
Self paced (i.e., it allows you to work through it on your own);
Easy to read;
Easy to follow the instructions;
Illustrated with examples to enhance understanding;
Activity based to provide opportunities to reflect on and apply your knowledge while studying.
The contents of this training manual were selected by your fellow colleagues after they had attended a face-to-face training programme in Bangladesh. It was their consensus that the information in this manual would help others become efficient Tutors.

Unit 1: Introduction to open and distance learning and open schools
Unit 2: Introduction to learner support in open schools
Unit 3: Curriculum and learning materials
Unit 4: Tutoring in open schools
Unit 5: The process of tutoring
Unit 6: Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
Unit 7: Information and communications technologies in learner support

By :
by Dr. Sushmita Mitra , Dr. Johan Hendrikz

There are also Bangladesh Edition and Portuguese Edition here