Oct 21, 2011

The Case for Live Virtual Training: Maximizing Your ROI - Webinar

In today’s world of live online training, decision-makers need to understand the key types of virtual training and how they fit together.
They also need to know virtual training’s critical success factors and how to create a total, continuous virtual learning environment that can deliver business impact.
Join this webinar with Martyn Lewis, principal and founder of 3g Selling, as he delves into the hot topic of maximizing the ROI of virtual training. He will discuss the deeper issues that can make or break the success of any training program in today’s technology-enabled world.
Attend this live webinar to discover:
  • The ROI model for virtual training vs. face-to-face classroom training
  • The difference between live and asynchronous virtual training
  • The top 5 traps that inhibit virtual training ROI
Martyn Lewis, Founder, 3g Selling, Martyn Lewis is an esteemed entrepreneur, sales consultant, facilitator and keynote speaker.  The founder of two successful companies—Market-Partners and 3g Selling—Martyn brings to his live speaking engagements and webinars a singular combination of subject matter mastery and applied experience.
Martyn authored "Sales Wise" (2006), and co-authored "The Quest for Customers" in 21st Century Selling (2001). He acts as a coach and mentor to sales professionals, small-business owners and top-level executives.
James Hilliard, President, Hilly Productions, James started his media career in San Francisco working for the top news/talk radio stations. He entered the world of high-tech in 1999 as a reporter/host for ZDTV Radio. In 2000 he joined CNET Radio 910am in San Francisco as Assignment Editor and watched over the tech bubble and it's implosion. In 2003, he turned his attention to podcasting and webcasting and has over 800 webcasts under his belt, bringing lively and engaging content to high-tech professionals worldwide.  James is the President of Hilly Productions, where he works with a variety of companies, supporting them with creative audio and video marketing programs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT

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