Jul 26, 2011

In learning magazine Issue1

In learning is a dedicated publication for education.

The In learning magazine contains how-to-articles, industry reports, exclusive surveys, news, insightful columns, book reviews, new product reviews, thought-provoking features and success stories. It is designed to help educators, teachers and educational decision-makers keep up to date with the latest trends, so they can do their jobs better.

Embed a PowerPoint presentation on your blog

In yhis tutorial you will learn how to Embed a PowerPoint presentation on your blog.

5 Day FREE Creative Presentation Ideas e-course

Most presenters would love to make their presentation design more creative and memorable. With this free Course, we’ll show you how to make your presentations stand out. It is not simply about better design but effective and powerful presentation of your ideas using visuals.
Creative Presentation Ideas is made up of five daily lessons that will come to you in your email inbox. Every day, we'll show you how to do something different in your PowerPoint slides. There are videos, examples and additional resources to give you more creative ideas.
It's a useful course for any presenter, and will get you well on your way to becoming a more effective presenter.

What does this e-course contain?

  • Day 1: Five Ways to Present Data Creatively
  • Day 2: Seven Creative Ways to Replace Bullet Points
  • Day 3: Seven Creative Ways to Represent Timeline
  • Day 4: Five Creative Ways to Edit Pictures
  • Day 5: Five Creative Ways to Enhance Slide Design