May 5, 2011

Leveraging Rich Media to Improve the Learner’s Experience

Effective learning occurs in many different ways, including listening to words, reading text, viewing images (both still and animated) and through social interactions. With multimedia learning, you can leverage rich media that combines several learning modalities into one integrated experience. The result is proven to enrich your learning environment.
Join us for this webinar, sponsored by Knoodle, as we show you how to integrate audio, video and presentations to create an engaging online learning course in just minutes. In addition to arming you with best practices and resources, we’ll show you how the HOPE Project at the University of California, San Diego, successfully engaged more than 1,000 doctors and clinicians while delivering continuing medical education.
At this interactive webinar you will learn:
  • Alternatives for creating online training courses in just minutes.
  • Best practices for integrating audio, video and presentations into training courses.
  • How to best use technology to manage, deliver and track multimedia learning.
Lance Dublin & Kelly Smith

You can watch the recording and have the handouts here :

Free Tools in The Classroom

This is a free guide from microsoft :
Free tools and technologies from Microsoft can help you:
  • Motivate and inspire your students.
  • Engage with multimedia.
  • Work together with teachers, parents, and students
Microsoft offers free tools to help engage students in a variety of subject areas—from art to music to science and beyond. Teachers can use these interactive tools to encourage self-directed learning or to create fun, dynamic group projects.
The tools are simple to download from the Web. For the most part, they don’t require special training, so you can start using them quickly and help your students do the same.

Learning Content Development: Engaging SMEs

Learning Content Development: Engaging SMEs presents a special webinar sponsored by General Physics Corporation

Learning and development organizations face a major challenge when it comes to engaging subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop quality content on time and on budget: SME time is very limited. SMEs not only have high-priority job responsibilities requiring most of their time, but also once on a learning project, they may disengage from the task or other activities may take priority over the learning projects.

To address these challenges, L&D teams must do all they can to win the hearts, minds and time of SMEs.  Join us for this Training Industry, Inc. webinar, sponsored by General Physics Corporation, as we show you the most-important and most-used best practices used to engage SMEs. Our speakers will outline five objective areas to help you make the most of SME expertise:

•  Clearly communicating expectations with SMEs
•  Ensuring SME commitment to the project.
•  Cultivating an effective team dynamic with SMEs.
•  Effectively managing SME time on the project.
•  Minimizing conflicting priorities of SMEs/L&D team.

Register today for this free, one-hour webinar and you’ll receive a complimentary Training Industry, Inc./GP Worldwide research report, “Best Practices in Engaging SMEs during a Learning Content Development Project.

Friday, May 20 - 2pm ET / 11am PT

Digital Storytelling e-book

This is a free book .

The ancient tradition of storytelling meets the digital age.
When students create a movie or interactive slideshow to tell their story, learning becomes personal.
With digital storytelling, students can:
  • Improve their writing.
  • Show creativity.
  • Have a voice.
Digital storytelling projects lend themselves well to portfolio assessment.
It is from microsoft:

Moving Training and Development to E-Learning in a SMB

From my email :

Moving Training and Development to E-Learning in a SMB (Small and Medium Sized Business)
This free webinar provides practical information of the strategies and things to be considered by small and medium sized organizations moving from Instructor Led Training to eLearning.  Items included will be LMS selection, LMS administration, eLearning creation and eLearning deployment. This webinar will include valuable information on how to introduce eLearning to you organization and produce success.  If you are looking at adding in eLearning and a LMS, or are considering changing to a new LMS you will definitely want to join this webinar.   If there are others in your organization that are interested in eLearning and LMS's please forward this to them.

You can register here :

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5

New Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4.5 software adds powerful mobile development capabilities, plus time-saving code editor improvements:
Reach more devices with less code
New support for mobile application development and testing enables use of a common code base to build apps for Android™, BlackBerry® Tablet OS and iOS mobile platforms while sharing code from web applications.
Accelerate Flex application development
Speed up development, and build higher quality Flex 3, Flex 4, Flex 4.5 or pure ActionScript® applications with significant tooling improvements, including new code templates, code completion, code-gen features and much more.
Work in parallel with designers
New round-trip workflow with Adobe Flash Catalyst® CS5.5 software allows designers and developers to work together in unison for faster delivery of applications.

5 Creative Design Techniques for Results-Producing Webinars

This is a free webinar

Quick—how would you describe the last Webinar you logged on to? Interesting? Engaging? Join training and development specialist, Becky Pluth, and learn to change whoa to WOW. Discover or rediscover techniques that will make the driest material come to life on the screen and over the phone. This is a crash course in designing creative webinars and increasing retention and ultimately the transfer of the learning. With so many learners checking out of web casts and doing email or finishing another task it is important to involve the listeners and participants every 4 minutes. But how? This session really dives into tips on how to do just that

You will
Discover effective opening and closing strategies for webinars
Evaluate methods to successfully teach and engage the webinar learner
Acquire tactics creating and maintaining trainer and participant motivation

You can register here

The 2011 Lectora User Conference

You are invited to join in the opening of the Lectora User Conference for an important new product announcement by Charles J. Beech, Chairman & CEO. This will be followed by Keynote Speaker, industry thought leader Elliott Maisie on the evolving eLearning world.
This will be a LIVE streaming event starting at 9:00 AM ET (GMT -4:00) Wednesday, May 11th. On Thursday, May 12th at 9:00 AM ET
learn about the mobile learning landscape from Tim Ferguson, CIO at Northern Kentucky University

You can register here 

Getting Started with Udutu’s Award Winning Course Authoring Tool

This is a free webinar from : myUdutu
Are you:
  • Completely new to elearning and course authoring tools?
  • An elearning professional proficient with some of the tools but haven’t looked into the myUdutu course authoring tool yet?
  • An Instructional Designer who understands how to build a course but hasn’t done so in the online format till now?
Many of you have played around with myUdutu and even created entire courses, however, it’s likely that receiving a few helpful hints could help send you to the next level.

We’ll go over the very basics of navigating around and using the tool. We’ll also provide some helpful hints and highlight some of the features and benefits that make myUdutu your very best option for rapid course authoring.

The presentation time will be about 45 minutes which will then allow for a lengthy Q&A period after. We will also touch on the basics of instructional design when using a rapid course authoring tool such as myUdutu.

Attendees should come out with a relatively clear understanding of how to get started and make their courses come together more quickly and with better content and design.

The Webinar will take place on May 18th at 10 AM PDT.

You can register here :

Master of Science Degree in Instructional & Performance Technology

The Instructional and Performance Technology (IPT) department is one of seven departments in the College of Engineering at Boise State University. It offers a Master of Science degree in IPT and three graduate certificates in Human Performance Technology (HPT),  Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support (WELPS), and Workplace Instructional Design (WIDe).  IPT courses are offered both on campus and online, allowing professionals of human performance improvement to earn their degrees and/or certificates by taking  IPT on-campus courses only, or IPT online courses only, or a combination of both types.