May 5, 2011

Leveraging Rich Media to Improve the Learner’s Experience

Effective learning occurs in many different ways, including listening to words, reading text, viewing images (both still and animated) and through social interactions. With multimedia learning, you can leverage rich media that combines several learning modalities into one integrated experience. The result is proven to enrich your learning environment.
Join us for this webinar, sponsored by Knoodle, as we show you how to integrate audio, video and presentations to create an engaging online learning course in just minutes. In addition to arming you with best practices and resources, we’ll show you how the HOPE Project at the University of California, San Diego, successfully engaged more than 1,000 doctors and clinicians while delivering continuing medical education.
At this interactive webinar you will learn:
  • Alternatives for creating online training courses in just minutes.
  • Best practices for integrating audio, video and presentations into training courses.
  • How to best use technology to manage, deliver and track multimedia learning.
Lance Dublin & Kelly Smith

You can watch the recording and have the handouts here :

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