Jul 6, 2012

lean-ISD ebook

This book received an ISPI Award of Excellence in 2002 in the category of Instructional Communications

lean-ISD ebook
Begun in 1983 as “The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook” – it was published in 1999 as lean-ISD.
This book fully covers the ISD – Instructional Systems Design or ID – Instructional Design concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques for  The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning and Knowledge Management Systems, including the 3 levels of ISD:
1- CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design and
2- MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition (the ADDIE-like level in PACT  at the final product-level of Instructional Product Design in PACT), and
3- IAD – Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition (another ADDIE-like level in PACT at the component-level of Instructional Product Design in PACT), and

Those 3 levels of ISD are enabled/supported with a common performance-oriented Performance & Instructional Analysis methodology-set, and a common performance-oriented Performance & Instructional Project Planning & Management methodology-set, with adapted processes, steps and tools, shared across those 3 levels of ISD in PACT: CAD, MCD and IAD.
These ISD methods and processes were field tested hundreds of time by dozens of Practitioners working in teams or solo – with the Client Teams – in the collaborative approach that is PACT. This book was created to augment formal workshops and coaching session delivered by Guy Wallace.