Aug 13, 2011

Mobile Learning Handbook

ADL has developed a ADL Mobile Learning Handbook that focuses on best practices and information about Mobile Learning. This effort began as ADL researched content creation tools and began to establish their own working definitions, design considerations, resources, and more. The original effort was prototyped and released on all major mobile device platforms. The effort has continued with aid some of our partners to develop a more comprehensive desktop version of the ADL mLearning Guide titled the ADL Mobile Learning Handbook. Please see the “Project Summary”, “Resources”, and “FAQ” tabs for more information.

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Mobile Learning Toolkit - Free Book

The 98-page toolkit contains 15 mobile learning methods divided into 4 categories that trainers can choose from depending on their needs – whether they’re looking deliver content; assign tasks; gather feedback; or provide support to their training participants.
These methods have been designed to be as inclusive as possible, with most requiring only low end devices (basic mobile phones with voice calling and SMS capability), allowing interactive learning experiences to be delivered right to the Base of the Pyramid.
In addition to the methods, an overview of mobile learning is included in the beginning of the guidebook and a set of practical tools that allow the methods to be immediately put into practice. 
As well as a general guide, the toolkit includes recommendations for customising the methods for the delivery of the “” training programme currently being launched by the International Labour Organization to teach the principles of managing agricultural cooperatives in developing regions worldwide. The toolkit offers participants the chance to experience the benefits of mobile learning themselves while also empowering them to use mobile learning methods to reach their own trainees, thus multiplying the impact throughout the entire training pyramid.

By : Jennifer Parker