Mar 15, 2011

eFront a complete Solution for elearning


This software is very good solution.

eFront is a state-of-the art eLearning and Human Capital Development platform. It is the result of a dedicated team of developers, several thousand hours of work and a huge deal of caffeine.

The core of the system is its eLearning and course management infrastructure. But on top of itthere are  big number of add-on tools like Surveys, Blogs, Calendar, File sharing etc that can help people inside an organization communicate and get organized. Starting from version 3 eFront is not just an eLearning tool but a complete Human Capital Development system that tracks the total progress of humans inside an organization.

It has Scorm support and above all it is Open Source .

Adobe Captivate 4 video tutorials


These tutorials are from the source company : Adobe

These video tutorials give you a great overview of the features and enhancements in Adobe® Captivate 4
In these videos, you'll learn how to use Adobe Captivate 4 effectively for a variety of needs.

In these video tutorials you will learn :

Adding interactions to projects
Adobe Captivate workspace
Adobe Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint
Creating quizzes in Adobe Captivate
Designing templates
Editing Adobe Captivate projects
Importing PSD files into Adobe Captivate
Publishing Adobe Captivate projects
Recording Adobe Captivate projects
Reviewing Adobe Captivate projects
Rollover slidelets
Table of contents
Text to speech
Variables and advanced actions
Working with project templates

This is the link:

Good time.