Aug 22, 2012

Best Digital Storytelling Examples and Resources- ebook

10 Digital Storytelling Projects

In short, digital storytelling refers to creating and distributing a story using digital tools. That's the obvious answer. Let's explore that answer a little more.
Depending upon who you ask, digital storytelling can refer a lot of things. In general you will find that when people talk about digital storytelling they're referring to videos and podcasts. But digital storytelling can also refer to creating interactive media in the forms of ebooks, maps, and timelines. And still to some teachers digital storytelling refers to the use of digital images to tell a story.

This work  ten digital storytelling projects developed and conducted by educators just like you and me.

Richard Byrne

Contributing Authors:
Wayne Cherry, Jr.
Rebecca Hersh
Gayle Spinnel-Gellers
Mary-Ellen Sargiotto
Karen Orlando
Alisa Wright
Kurt Gosdeck
Brad Bahns
Jacquelyn Whiting
Shar Dean
Leslie Cataldo Savage

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No Escaping Mobile Learning - Webinar

The use of mobile devices and technology for learning and information access is rapidly gaining ground across the world. If not already adopted, mobile learning is now featuring in most strategy discussions within L&D teams in large and small enterprises. But are you still trying to escape it?

As you probably already know, last week we kicked off our independent webinar series with the first one titled as ‘No Escaping Mobile Learning’ which I co-presented with Abhijit Kadle (watch recording here). I’m very pleased with the response we got on this – 400 registrations and 136 actual attendees. Thank you for making it a successful beginning for us and we do hope to continue sharing our insights on topics that matter the most to you. At the end of this post are answers to the questions asked in the webinar.

In this webinar, Abhijit and I discussed about the six key drivers that are forcing organizations to adopt mobile learning. They are -

Growing mobile workforce
Computing shifting to handheld devices
Changing behavior patterns
Next generation of workforce
When do we really learn
Doing more with less

We believe each of them is powerful enough to drive your organization to mobile learning, but put together they create the perfect storm for adoption.

In this webinar You also touched upon how to get started with mobile learning quickly. Our advice is to ‘just do it’ while a full-fledged strategy can come later. This seemingly contrarian advice comes from the fact that creating a comprehensive strategy is time consuming and complex. Getting started with a simpler mobile learning project will help get your hands dirty and give you some valuable inputs which will be very useful for strategic planning in future.

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52 Tips on Best Practices for eLearning Development and Implementation

How can you develop and deploy eLearning quickly, efficiently, and with positive results? Which eLearning development and implementation methods work best and which methods are unreliable or ineffective?

From tips on popular authoring tools to ideas for generating team engagement, this complimentary eBook provides 52 ideas to help you create and deliver high-quality eLearning, drawing on the experience of 12 experts who are leading sessions in The eLearning Guild’s September 2012 Online Forum, “eLearning Development and Implementation: Best Practices.”

Get valuable insights in areas including:

Guidelines and Protocols
Making Tools Work for You
Engaging Your Team
Reaching (and Teaching) Your Audience

Contributing Editor, Karen Forni

Your e-Learning Investment - Free Webinar

 How Allen Interactions Achieves Business Impact & Boosts Learner Performance


maximize your investment in performance-based and skill-based learning initiatives
re-align current training needs for greater budget impact
apply a new instructional design model to your learning initiatives for maximum learner engagement and performance

PRESENTED BY: Paul Howe, Vice President of Sales, Allen Interactions

WHEN: Wednesday, August 22, 1:00 - 2:00 pm Central

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