Aug 22, 2012

Best Digital Storytelling Examples and Resources- ebook

10 Digital Storytelling Projects

In short, digital storytelling refers to creating and distributing a story using digital tools. That's the obvious answer. Let's explore that answer a little more.
Depending upon who you ask, digital storytelling can refer a lot of things. In general you will find that when people talk about digital storytelling they're referring to videos and podcasts. But digital storytelling can also refer to creating interactive media in the forms of ebooks, maps, and timelines. And still to some teachers digital storytelling refers to the use of digital images to tell a story.

This work  ten digital storytelling projects developed and conducted by educators just like you and me.

Richard Byrne

Contributing Authors:
Wayne Cherry, Jr.
Rebecca Hersh
Gayle Spinnel-Gellers
Mary-Ellen Sargiotto
Karen Orlando
Alisa Wright
Kurt Gosdeck
Brad Bahns
Jacquelyn Whiting
Shar Dean
Leslie Cataldo Savage

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