Apr 6, 2012

Understanding What Great Leaders Do - Course

Learn about the practices of great leaders.
In this free online course Professor Bob Sutton reveals the successful habits of well respected leaders, and outlines the type of habits practised by those who fail to lead. He points out that when people move into positions of power, they can easily loose sight of the needs of those they lead. In this course you will learn what the hallmarks of great leaders are, how leaders need to hear the truth and how to deal with team disagreements. You will learn about rotten apples and how they must be removed for the health and longevity of a team. He also explains the best way to "wage war" with an ineffective leader. This course will be of great interest to all business professionals who lead a company or a team and want to improve their leadership skills. This course will also be of great interest to those who are moving into a management position and want to unlock their leadership potential.

Understanding What Great Leaders Do is originally from and published by Stanford and has a duration of duration of 1-2 Hours for average learner.

 Content Type
Video: High
Audio: None
Animation: None
Assessments: Yes
Course Rating:  (5/5 10002 )
Certification Availability
PDF Download: Yes
Parchment: Yes
Framed Parchment: Yes
Type: course
Education Level
Approximate FETAC Level: Level 5
Approximate NQF Level (UK): Level 3
Other: Higher High Secondary School
Age appropriateness: 18+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level: Higher High Secondary School

Chromebook Classrooms‏ - Webinar

Chromebooks for Education gives students, teachers, and administrators a solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. With a central web-based management console for all devices, automatic maintenance and upgrades, and an 8 second boot-up time, Chromebooks are at home in the classroom (and beyond). This webinar will discuss the benefits, technical requirements, and pricing for setting up a Chromebook classroom at your school. You'll hear from the Chromebooks team at Google and educators currently using Chromebooks with students.
You'll learn:
Overview of Chrome OS and Chromebooks
Benefits of Chromebooks in classrooms
Chromebook technical management capabilities
Specific school use case solutions
Pricing, support, and warranty details.

Speakers :
David Fringer
Executive Director of Information Systems,
Council Bluffs Community School District, Iowa  

Jaime Casap
Senior Education Evangelist
ChromeOS and Google Apps for Education, Google Enterprise 

58 Tips for Breakthrough eLearning Instructional Design - book

Instructional Design (ID) is — or at least should be — the foundation for effective eLearning. Whether you are new to ID or have been designing eLearning for a while, it’s easy to get stuck in certain ways of doing things. That’s when you need some new ideas!
This complimentary eBook draws on the ideas and experience of 14 ID experts who are leading sessions that are part of The eLearning Guild’s May 2012 Online Forum on “eLearning Instructional Design: Advanced and Breakthrough Techniques.” These tips, which will enhance the way you design eLearning, are organized into four general categories:
Project management
Contributing Editor, Chris Benz