Jun 7, 2012

Mobile Media Learning: Amazing Uses of Mobile Devices for Learning

Mobile Media Learning: Amazing Uses of Mobile Devices for Learning
Mobile Media Learning shares innovative uses of mobile technology for learning in a variety of settings. From camps to classrooms, parks to playgrounds, libraries to landmarks, Mobile Media Learning shows that exciting learning can happen anywhere educators can imagine. Join these educator/designers as they share their efforts to amplify spaces as learning tools by engaging learners with challenges, quests, stories, and tools for investigating those spaces.
In addition, Mobile Media Learning shares tips, guides, and plans for building your own mobile game or game design 'jam'. Start building mobile learning experiences today!
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Seann Dikkers, John Martin, Bob Coulter et al. 2012

E-Learning Symposium 2012 Austin

This year, E-Learning Symposium introduces afternoon management sessions. These high level and high value sessions are designed for talent performance professionals who make daily learning decisions within their organizations.
The management track includes a roundtable discussion of corporate and organizational learning cultures and how the landscape is changing.  Participant input and facilitator vision will be provided.
Individuals who drive corporate learning strategies and align their employees with organizational business goals will benefit from this higher level track. 
Shana Storey
Transiting Thinking from Skill Based to Role Based*

Barbara Matthews
Assuring Success in System Implementation
Sanjay Nasta, Marcus Turner
A Road Map to Mobile Learning
Alex Turkovic
Case Study: How Dell is Building and Implementing Mobile Learning

David Anderson
Practical Tips for Building Effective and Interactive eLearning
Kevin Gumienny
Comic Books and eLearning

Ian MacNeil
In, At, and Away - eLearning as a Strategic Knowledge Lever*

John Gillis

Workshops will be held at MicroAssist in their training facilities:

Planning and Managing an E-Learning Project
 MicroAssist E-Learning Team

Webinar Training - Avoiding the Snooze Factor
Linda Warren

Recording Audio for E-Learning and Podcasts
Alex Turkovic

Getting Started with Articulate StoryLine
David Anderson

What new in ToolBook 11

As a busy professional, you require a fast and easy solution for creating learning content. ToolBook, the SumTotal solution for creating interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and software simulations, has now been enhanced for even greater ease in creating rich, interactive, and mobile content quickly
New feature highlights found in ToolBook 11 include:

Simpler, more functional startup dialog
The Startup Dialog has been redesigned to have a more modern look, which also provides for a better process flow for a user trying to start a new book. The Help Resources section has been filled with over a dozen helpful resources to assist you in using ToolBook

Question Wizard
A new catalog object labeled "Question Wizard" has been added to the catalog within the Questions category. When added to your page, this new object will step you through options available for configuring one of the following four question types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank and Match Item. These four represent the most commonly used question types.

Additional SmartStyles
SmartStyles is a feature that makes it easy to apply a consistent look and style to pages and objects in a book. ToolBook 11 introduces 39 additional SmartStyles including 16 which are specifically designed for mobile device delivery.

Arrows (Clipart) Catalog Category
A new catalog category has been added to ToolBook 11 which provides access to 192 different graphical arrows. These are PNG images with full alpha channel support, which means they will perfectly overlay any other page elements used and are resizable as well.

Google Chrome 5
The Publish to Web feature of ToolBook has been enhanced to now offer support for Chrome 5+ browsers

BlackBerry 6+
The Publish to Web feature of ToolBook has been enhanced to now offer support for BlackBerry 6+ mobile devices.

Randomization Enhancements
The ability to randomize the order of questions displayed to a user has existed in ToolBook for some time as a feature that you can turn on using the Behavior tab of the Properties for Lesson dialog. ToolBook 11 introduces two new features to this dialog, an option to Validate if the book is properly set up for randomization, and a Configure option to allow you exclude certain pages from the randomization

Delete Unused Resources
This new feature will delete from your book, resources that are no longer actively being used by any objects within your book.

Export All Text
This utility will create a text file containing all of the text found within the book. This is useful when a third party will need to proofread or grammar check the contents of your lesson.
Add Feature to Delete Unused Extensions
This new will delete from your book, Extensions that are no longer actively being used.

Move a Range of Pages
The Book Explorer will allow you to reorder your pages by permitting you to drag a page to a new position within the Book Explorer. However this only works for a single page at a time. For ToolBook 11, the ability to move a range of pages has been added.

Reassign a Range of Pages
The Book Explorer will allow you to reassign which background is used by a given page by dragging the page onto another background, as listed in the Book Explorer. However this only works for a single page at a time. For ToolBook 11, the ability to move a range of pages has to another background has been added.

Enhanced Draw Objects
Draw objects (lines, polygons, rectangles, etc.) have been enhanced to now render with antiAliasing. This effect provides for a much cleaner edge to the draw object. Additionally, transparency of Draw Objects have been updated to blend transparent colors more realistically. Lastly, transparent Draw Objects are now fully supported in a DHTML Exported lesson, whereas in previous version the transparency effect would be lost when viewed in a browser.

A Good Complete Captivate template

This is a free elearning template showcases common elearning interactions and quiz questions. This template is SCORM and AICC compliant and is free-for-use. The template was built using Adobe Captivate 4, so you'll need Captivate 4 to edit the source files.

You can download it from here :

You can preview the examplae here: