May 3, 2012

Basics of ROI Workshop

 Never before has ROI been of such importance. The ROI Institute’s ROI Methodology is the most documented approach to measuring and evaluating learning and development programs. This webinar series presents the key elements in the ROI process.
TUESDAY, May 8: ROI Basics: An Overview of the ROI Methodology
During this webcast, we will discuss the foundations of the ROI Methodology. You will learn
•    Five levels of evaluation that have served as the foundation for the ROI Methodology since the 1970s
•    Six types of results generated by the chain of impact
•    Ten steps in the ROI Methodology process model
•    Twelve guiding principles that support the ROI Methodology

TUESDAY, May 29: Collecting Data
A variety of data collection techniques exist to help you capture the information need to measure the success of your training programs. During this webcast, you will learn
•    Types of data collection methods available for each level of evaluation
•    Options for timing of data collection at each level
•    Sources that provide you the most credible information

TUESDAY, June 12: Isolating the Effects of Your Programs
Organizations invest in a variety of programs, projects, and initiatives to drive business performance through people. But when business measures improve, how do you know it was your particular program or project that caused the improvement? During this session you will learn
•    The importance of isolating the effects of your programs
•    Three techniques you can use to isolate the effects of your program
•    Considerations when determining the credibility of data

TUESDAY, July 10: Calculating the ROI

 You will learn
•    A variety of methods to convert measures to money
•    Five steps to convert a measure to money
•    Cost categories that make up the fully-loaded program costs

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Getting Started with Articulate Storyline



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Storytelling Delivers Effective E-Learning - webinar

In this webinar, Rachel Ashkin, Chief Operating Office of Brandon Hall Group, Dawn Adams Miller, from Cisco’s Learning & Development Solutions Group, and Matt Lisle, Instructional Designer at Enspire Learning show you how the graphic novel approach was used to engage learners in a corporate-wide initiative at Cisco. You’ll learn how the project progressed from selling the concept to the stakeholders, through design, development, implementation and deployment. We also cover tools, costs, project management, and what the metrics are telling us.

Googd Time.