May 5, 2011

5 Creative Design Techniques for Results-Producing Webinars

This is a free webinar

Quick—how would you describe the last Webinar you logged on to? Interesting? Engaging? Join training and development specialist, Becky Pluth, and learn to change whoa to WOW. Discover or rediscover techniques that will make the driest material come to life on the screen and over the phone. This is a crash course in designing creative webinars and increasing retention and ultimately the transfer of the learning. With so many learners checking out of web casts and doing email or finishing another task it is important to involve the listeners and participants every 4 minutes. But how? This session really dives into tips on how to do just that

You will
Discover effective opening and closing strategies for webinars
Evaluate methods to successfully teach and engage the webinar learner
Acquire tactics creating and maintaining trainer and participant motivation

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