Aug 23, 2011

Manual for the Tutors of Learning Centres in Open Schools

This is a manual for all those who would like to take up the challenging task of acting as a Tutor in an educational programme following Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methodologies. To introduce the concept of self-learning, an attempt has been made to make the manual self-instructional so that it is:
Self paced (i.e., it allows you to work through it on your own);
Easy to read;
Easy to follow the instructions;
Illustrated with examples to enhance understanding;
Activity based to provide opportunities to reflect on and apply your knowledge while studying.
The contents of this training manual were selected by your fellow colleagues after they had attended a face-to-face training programme in Bangladesh. It was their consensus that the information in this manual would help others become efficient Tutors.

Unit 1: Introduction to open and distance learning and open schools
Unit 2: Introduction to learner support in open schools
Unit 3: Curriculum and learning materials
Unit 4: Tutoring in open schools
Unit 5: The process of tutoring
Unit 6: Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
Unit 7: Information and communications technologies in learner support

By :
by Dr. Sushmita Mitra , Dr. Johan Hendrikz

There are also Bangladesh Edition and Portuguese Edition here

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