Nov 24, 2011

Improving Performance with Mobile Delivery: Creating a Business Case and Moving the Strategy

By 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devises are predicted to be in service around the globe, our expected population increase will only grow to 7.2 billion. Hailed as the fastest adopted technology in modern history, the mobile device is both an opportunity and an obstacle to today’s businesses. Users have greater control in a mobile environment over what they can view, what they are exposed to, and how they interact with content pushed in their direction. Attempting to fit old marketing, old concepts, or even old learning into a mobile environment can be both frustrating and rarely garners the performance hoped for by the initiative. Learning organizations who understand the value of this new medium, have learned to develop full m-learning strategies that both leverage the unique delivery model and create a business case for its integration into an organizations larger learning strategies.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Ara Ohanian, CEO and President of CertPoint, as they share key practices in developing and executing on an m-learning strategy and business case for multiple organizations.

Key take aways include:

• Key practices in assessing m-learning needs and opportunities
• Insights on understanding your needs in both a U.S. and Global market
• Approaches to developing a strategy and business case for m-learning in your organization
• Insights on leveraging the promise of HTML 5 to create a flexible m-learning strategy
• Creating m-learning that goes beyond m-performance support
• Illustrations from large and medium businesses of their m-learning business case, strategies, and execution plans

Free webinar
 Thursday, November 17, 2011
 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST (U.S. & Canada)

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