Sep 22, 2011

Can Rapid Authoring Meet the Needs of the Future Workplace? Webinar

The Future workplace will span five generations with learning defined by high levels of personalization, moment-of-need relevance, social collaboration and rapid technology adoption. Are your content development tools and processes ready to meet these requirements?

On September 29, learn how Baker Hughes is transforming their content development strategy from traditional rapid authoring to a new paradigm that embraces the rapid reuse of single-source content to meet the dynamic requirements of the rapidly evolving workforce.

During this interactive webinar you will learn:

- The benefits and limitations of rapid authoring tools and their role in the future workplace.
- How to develop customizable learning experiences instead of training deliverables.
- Structured knowledge capture for rapid SME-driven authoring.
- Why your content needs to be readily adaptable to future technology changes.
- How to prepare to incorporate collaboration and user-generated content from social networks into the content development process.

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