Sep 22, 2011

Dokeos 2.1

Dokeos 2.1 is expected on September 26. This release has 2 objectives : a better integration with tablets (iPad, Android...) and the public release of some 50 bugfixes and usability issues made for our customers since Dokeos 2.0.

On the menu :
New graphical interface inspired by the Apple products
Page load quicker
Slider (images gallery sliding) on portal homepage
Audio and Video without Flash (iPad)
Modules display improved and more Presentation oriented
Improved Quiz display (more compact, compliaance with Internet Explorer 9)
Quiz answers alignment bug fixed
Better Drag & Drop in Matching question types
Chronometer and time management improved in quizzes
Position quiz media on the side / on top / no media
Learner View re-added following a lot of complaints :)
Better Copy of content from one course to the other
New Tutoring scenario in Groups
Russian language integration
Easier Contacts management in Social Network tool

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