Oct 13, 2011

Ensuring Engagement through Online Learning - Webinar

Virtual learning is exploding these days, and organizations are turning to online delivery of training for a variety of good reasons, including savings on budget and time. But as more and more learners are herded into online classrooms, it becomes more and more important to keep them actively involved and thoroughly engaged. Otherwise, learning objectives fall flat.
Join us for this webinar as we share a special - and especially engaging - program to help you keep your learners in step with your virtual training. This webinar will feature a panel of presenters who will interact with you as they share information on best practices, tools, ideas and inspirations to help you make your virtual training hit the highest marks for your organization.

Active participants in this dynamic discussion will include:
  • Randah McKinnie, principal product manager for Adobe Connect, who will address tactical strategies for ensuring engagement.
  • Cynthia Clay, president & CEO of NetSpeed Learning, who will focus on how to create and apply engaging training techniques.
  • Carie Blum, global learning services program manager for Xerox Corporation, who will show how learner engagement is a strategic business tool for organizations of all sizes.
  • You and your professional peers from around the globe, who will help shape the pace and focus of the discussion through your contributions, discussions and input to this interactive - and fun - webinar.
At this exciting webinar, you will learn:

  • 5 best practices for intentional engagement and how to apply those in your training initiatives.
  • The role technology plays in making virtual classrooms engaging and productive.
  • How to keep learning alive during - and after - online learning.
  • How people, processes and technology come together in highly successful virtual programs.
  • And more.
Friday, October 21, 2011
10am-11am PT

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