Jul 7, 2011

PRESTO! Learning Activities That Are Fun and Quick and Make Learning Stick

Session Description: 
In this session, you will experience a variety of hands-on, high-energy, 3-minute activities and strategies that work like Magic to engage, entertain and serve as effective learning tools to help make learning stick. Whether you are a teacher or a trainer, you will find games that you can immediately use in your own classroom with any topic, any age group, and any audience. They promise to keep your learners involved from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave.

About Tracy Tagliati
Tracy Tagliati, CPLP, has led a nomadic life: Born in Mildenhall, England, she grew up as a military brat in Europe, Japan, and throughout the United States. Settling in Los Angeles, CA, she founded T&T, an organization that specializes in activities-based training for corporate clients. Prior to that, Tracy was VP of sales and training at Mindset Development, a training franchise of Crestcom International, and a corporate trainer at Mercury Insurance Group. She is active in ASTD (both at the national and the local chapter levels) and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). 

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