Jul 7, 2011

Create your E-book for your Ipad

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Recently I had created a “Read-Along” book for our first graders to accompany their Magic Tree House podcast and am continuing  to have fun creating e-books for my iPad from Word Documents, pdfs and thematic blog posts from Langwitches. Next year, we will have an iPad cart to use with our students and I am looking forward to brainstorming more ideas and opportunities to allow students to create and organize their own e-books on the iPad.
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of creating our own e-books instead of purchased textbooks?
  • What new learning opportunities can creating your e-book bring to your classroom?
  • How can we integrate teacher-created e-books, personalized for students?
  • Will student created e-books motivate, engage and empower learners?
Let’s put our heads together to think of the opportunities and possibilities. Have you already created and used your own e-books in your classroom. Please share your thoughts and ideas.


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