Sep 9, 2012

Creating e-Learning that Makes a Difference - free kit

In this kit, Ethan Edwards covers the concept of instructional interactivity, and demonstrates how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an e-learning program. Get specific real-world examples that give meaning to the four essential components of instructional interactivity, CCAF, which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback.

In this kit, you will learn:

the value of true instructional interactivity for creating engaging, effective e-learning
the four essential design components of instructional interactivity which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback
to design engaging contexts, motivating challenges, appropriate activities, and instructional feedback into interactive design
the critical elements of any authoring tool used to create instructional interactivity
This kit includes:

White paper
60-minute webinar
Presentation slides from webinar
Q&A summary from webinar
Examples site showing CCAF in action

good time

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