Sep 5, 2012

Practice files to help you learn Articulate Storyline.

From the site you can use this free template for Storyline

Use these practice files to help you learn Storyline. Included in the .zip file are storyboards and media assets for creating a 20-minute course on time management.

What’s included in the files?

Storyboards for a 20-minute course on time management
All the assets to create the course (audio, images, etc.)
An example of a finished Storyline file (.story format)
A link to the finished course in html format
Instructions that map the development tasks for the course with the chapters in the book so you can practice as you go

The course lets you practice the basics such as adding scenes, slides, text, and graphics, all the way up to states, layers, conditions, and variables.

Download practice files

View finished course

Note to Storyline trainers: If you are teaching a class on Storyline, feel free to use these files in your class.

You can also download a free copy of Chapter 10: Triggers and Actions.

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