Mar 17, 2011

Improving Productivity and Collaboration through Enterprise Mobility

This is a free webinar.
Increased workforce mobility and the popularisation of mobile technologies are raising awareness of the benefits mobility can deliver across many aspects of businesses, including customer service, decision making, workforce productivity and business continuity. Most of these benefits, however, are not fully realised today because many firms lack centralised visibility and efficient security and management mechanisms for mobility across their IT environment. As the boundaries between in and out of office continue to disappear, CIOs and business managers face increased pressure to embrace popular and innovative consumer technologies to foster greater collaboration and productivity across their workforce

This IDC session will
• Discuss the current trends in mobile working today
• Highlight the key challenges European businesses face in deploying enterprise mobility to their workforces
• Look at how consumerisation is changing the IT landscape for most European businesses today and what they should be doing internally to ensure they deliver a secure infrastructure for their employees.

You can register to see the webinar here

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