Mar 5, 2011

KP Learner Manager Enterprise Edition from KnowledgePresenter

KPLME stores, for every user and lesson, times run, scores, time taken, individual question results, lesson status, date and time taken, and much more.
Run reports on individual users, groups of users, or set a filter for custom reports.
You can change graphics, colors, styles, turn features on and off, edit all strings as they appear to learners, change course operation and appearance. Customize comments for users, change startup pages and logo per department, and much, much more

You can place users into one or more departments for flexibility in serving courses. Assign any user custom permissions. Allow some to blog, others not. Allow users in one department access to certain courses, and those in other departments courses relevant to them.

You can run a myriad of reports, based on dates, scores, courses, departments, and much more.
Customize reports by setting filters, resorting, removing columns, etc.
Export reports to Excel, or automatically have them emailed to you.

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