Jul 28, 2011

Hidden Webtools - 11 Tools for 2011 - ebook

11 Hidden Gems of the Internet For Creating a 21st Century Classroom Without Spending A Dime, Without Searching, Without Frustration.
...AND You Can Flat-Out HAVE This Entire 17 Page Technology Integrating Digital eBook That Puts You Into The Inner Circle Of EdTech Teachers...
Plus You'll Get Bonus "Ninja" Secrets delivered periodically to keep your classroom ahead of the pack...
We have searched the web for some lesser known FREE webtools to integrate into the classroom. We’re excited to share this digital eBook with you! These free resources will help you create engaging 21st century learning experiences for you and your students.
You’re about to see "Hidden Webtools" used by teachers, just like yourself, to enhance lesson plans and class activities. Best of all – it’s organized and provides all of the links to the exact websites you will need.
Inside You'll Discover...
 The top 3 video tools that simplify publishing, sharing, communicating and connecting with other teachers and students around the world. 
 How to quickly and easily find just the right image for that all important report or pictorial essay.

 The best ways to share those large files that are impossible to send via email. 
Finally, find the "Diamonds in the rough" so you can easily integrate technology into your classroom with your complimentary Hidden Webtools eBook.

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