Aug 5, 2011

Learning Strategies - Free ebook

Contributions from:
Learning Strategies Elliott Masie

What Makes a Successful Learning Strategy? Nigel Paine, Editor

CIA’s Learning Strategy: Focusing Out on the Organization We Serve  Bob Baker

The Strategy of Managing Change Lisa Pedrogo, CNN

Building the Case for a Learning Strategy Ruben Bonales, Waste Management, Inc.

Learning Strategy at Shell: 2 Parts, 3 Pathways & 3 Horizons Willem Manders, Shell

Putting the Strategy Back into a Learning Strategy Keith Dunbar, DIA

Making a Strategic Learning Portfolio the Heart of any Learning Strategy Terry M. Farmer and Evan Ishida, Eaton Corporation

Setting Learning Strategy: Technology is Key…When You Use it Well Mike Cuffe, Farmers Insurance Group

The Dynamic Strategy Relies on Insight - Not Planning Peter Hallard, Lloyds Banking Group    

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