Aug 1, 2011

ViewletQuiz 3 From Qarbon

ViewletQuiz enables you to create highly sophisticated Flash surveys and quizzes in no time! Fully engage your audience with stunning survey Viewlets and get immediate access to valuable response data via email or from ViewletCentral.

ViewletQuiz allows you to have full control over the look and feel of your assessments. Your audiences will not only participate, they will have fun doing it! Whether you want to ask quiz type questions, survey type questions or both, query your audience with a variety of question types.

Qquestion Types : 
   Short Answer – Fill in the Blank
   Short Answer – Selection from List
   Short Answer – Rating
   Short Answer – Essay
   Multiple Choice – Single Answer
   Multiple Choice – Multiple Answer
   Multiple Choice – Fill in the Blanks
   Multiple Choice – Selection from Lists
   Multiple Choice – Rating
   Multiple Choice – True/False
   Likert Scale
   Click Map
   Drag & Drop

The tool site :

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