Mar 22, 2012

Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 for teachers - advanced Course

Build on your basic Microsoft PowerPoint® knowledge and learn more ways to use PowerPoint 2007 in your classroom.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to use PowerPoint 2007 masters to quickly and efficiently create presentations
  • Discover how to add slide transitions and animations
  • Build automatic slide shows with narration
  • Teach more effectively with Presenter view
  • Create custom shows to personalize lessons for all aspects of your curriculum


  • 1.Working with masters in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    PowerPoint masters let you quickly add or change design elements and formatting within presentations. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use Slide masters, Handout masters and Notes masters to create a consistent look and feel and improve your lessons. 
  • 2.Adding animations and slide transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    This lesson shows you how to add animation to a presentation and customize your own animated elements. In addition, you'll find out how various slide transitions help present your content smoothly and effectively.
  • 3.Timing your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    You might already know how to create a simple slide show, but it takes skill to fine-tune the timings. In this lesson, you'll learn how to set slide timing, add narration to a slide show and use Presenter view to enhance your lessons.
  • 4.Customizing your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    Personalization can grab and hold your students' attention. This lesson helps you adapt a presentation for various classroom scenarios. You'll also learn how to use hyperlinking to organize curricular content within a general presentation and how to quickly make a photo album.
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