Apr 19, 2012

Interactive Learning On Mobile Devices‏ - Webinar

This is a special webinar "Learning Interactions on Mobile Devices". What Works? What Doesn't?" on May 15th, 2012 to learn more about various technical aspects and challenges to consider while developing interactive mobile learning content, and how to overcome these challenges. 
Mobile learning is a growing trend, and it is rapidly becoming a major focus point for most organizations. The benefits are well known - but how does one overcome the challenges in creating interactive content for mobile learning?

During the webinar our experts will share best practices in developing interactions for mobile devices, checklist of technical considerations, pros and cons of Flash vs. HTML5 - and much more!
The Raptivity team will host three webinars during the day in order to accommodate participants in all time zones. Please visit the "Interactive Learning On Mobile Devices" webinar page to learn more about the webinar and sign up for the most convenient time.
Three sessions at three different times

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