Apr 26, 2012

Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide eBook

We have been saying it  over and over again – mobile learning is here to stay!
It’s only a matter of time before you will need to be invovled in it.
As fascinating as mobile learning is, it is extremely dynamic; and evolves at a blinding pace.
This leads to organizations being unsure of how to formulate even a basic mLearning Strategy.
We’ve shared some of our thinking on mobile learning through blogs posts in the recent past and thought it worthwhile to collect the information into a single booklet for you. This eBook called ‘Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide’ can help you understand when to use, how to design, develop and implement mLearning in a way that works for your organization. It gives suggestions on strategy, illustrates a planning framework, lists the tools and approaches available. Ultimately, it will help you design and implement an mLearning strategy that works for your organization and delivers results. A sneak peek into the eBook
Some topics you can look forward to reading about:
Understanding mLearning
Key Considerations in Mobile Learning
The Basics of mLearning Strategy
Determining mLearning Strategy
The Technical Approach

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