May 26, 2012

Articulate Studio 12

Articulate Studio ’12 products share a single unified player, so learners navigate with one set of controls—even when courses include Articulate Quizmaker assessments and Articulate Engage interactions. The unified player also lets you list slide titles, quiz questions, and interaction steps on a single, consolidated menu.

Add illustrated and photographic characters to your courses, quizzes, and interactive e-learning content. Articulate Studio ’12 includes a character library with thousands of combinations of characters, expressions, and poses. Purchase additional Articulate character packs to extend your character library even more

Publish e-learning content to multiple formats so learners can interact with it on iPads, desktops, laptops, Android devices, and more. Articulate Studio ’12 products publish to Flash and to Articulate Mobile Player—a native iOS application that optimizes content for the iPad. Studio ’12 products also publish to HTML5, an increasingly popular format for rich multimedia content.

Localize your content with the right-to-left language support in Articulate Studio ’12. It also supports double-byte character sets (DBCS), so you can even translate your content into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

and more features.
It is Comming Soon

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