May 28, 2012

Facilitating Online: A guide for course leaders

Facilitating Online is a course intended for training educators as online facilitators of fully online and mixed mode courses. The Centre for Educational Technology (CET) produced a Course Leader’s Guide as an Open Educational Resource to assist educators and trainers who wish to implement a course on online facilitation within their institution or across several institutions. The course manual was written by Tony Carr, Shaheeda Jaffer and Jeanne Smuts and was published online and in print in early 2009.

The guide contains the course model, week-by-week learning activities, general guidance to the course leader on how to implement and customise the course and specific guidelines on each learning activity. The latest version of the course manual includes several minor corrections and is dedicated to the memory of our co-author Jeanne Smuts who died on 28th July 2009.

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