May 30, 2012

Handbook on cultural web user interaction - Free ebook

The quality of cultural web applications, as all MINERVA handbooks, guidelines and tools have always remarked, depend mostly on the user’s needs and curiosities satisfaction. But which are these needs? How can we identify and satisfy them? How can users help in (re)planning and improve our cultural web application? Can we monitor and measure the use made of our web products? The new MINERVA handbook wants to give you the most updated answers to these questions.
It is targeted for you! All people, institutions and projects connected with culture (ancient or contemporary, tangible or intangible, cultivated or popular, local or global...), which are planning to develop web applications or want to monitor and improve those already on the web.
It includes an updated and synthetic overview of current questions connected to the user interaction via web, made of websites and portals, but also of the new types of technical experiences, gathered under the name of Web 2.0 (and beyond...).
To help you passing from theory to practice, some solutions are proposed to let you find your way, proposing you reasoned schemata, information and tools to auto-orientate your web project taking into serious account users needs and user opinions about your web application

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