May 19, 2012

GoClass a powerful new mobile tool

A powerful new tool for innovative teaching and inspired learning.
GoClass is a teaching application for tablet devices that redefines the boundaries of computing in the classroom. Connect with your students like never before, customize and fine-tune your lesson plans on the fly, engage students in new ways and continuously evaluate their understanding while you are in class.

GoClass is a powerful tool that allows an instructor to build, edit and manage class sessions. Like for any classroom, the instructor can use resources such as text, notes, media, questions and research tools to build organized and timed lesson plans. It allows you to annotate on images or draw diagrams, share materials and ask questions in the lesson plans with students during class. Furthermore, the app captures results data for formative assessments conducted in class for after-class review.

GoClass creates a unique opportunity for students to follow a class at their own pace. Students can study materials shared by the instructor, and interact with text and images using touch interactions such as pinch, zoom, pan, etc. You can use this app to answer in-class questions and review the complete lesson along with logs of your responses after class.

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