May 30, 2012

Videoconferencing Cookbook - Free ebook

This work is the intellectual property of ViDe and the authors. Permission is granted for this material to be used for non-commercial, educational purposes with the stipulations below. To disseminate or republish otherwise requires written permission from ViDe. (Please use the Feedback Form for this purpose.)
Incorporation of all or portions of the Cookbook into other electronic, online or hard copy works is not allowed.
The online Cookbook may not be mirrored or duplicated without written permission of ViDe, but all or portions of it may be linked to from other works as long as credit and copyright are clearly noted at the point of the link in the referencing work.
Reproduction of the Cookbook as a whole is allowed in hard copy or offline electronic versions for non-profit educational purposes only and provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the authors.
Video Development Initiative

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