Aug 24, 2012

3D eLearning: The power of turning CAD models into training

Are you looking for ways to make your maintenance training more effective and efficient?

Would you like to reduce the cost of unnecessary damage to components during routine maintenance tasks?

One of the best ways to achieve these objectives is by utilizing CAD model data to create powerful, interactive 3D eLearning training. This will reduce learning times, reduce component damage levels and enable better monitoring of student competency.

Training budgets are being squeezed and yet the need for training is constantly growing. Looking forward, in the world of complex equipment maintenance, there are vast numbers needing to be recruited and trained. Customers and existing employees require training on new and innovative products. These demands make it essential for Program Managers, Customer Service Managers, Training Managers and Trainers to find more effective ways to create and deliver training. One of the best ways to achieve this is by utilising CAD model data to create powerful, interactive 3D ELearning packages.

Join this live, interactive webinar to learn:

How 3D makes learning more engaging, effective and faster
How better training reduces component damage during maintenance tasks
A powerful way to explain, train and test competency on maintenance tasks
How to save cost on content creation and enable trainers to be more productive

This webinar will show you what is possible and explain how you can use this technology to bring benefit to your organisation and for your customers.

Wednesday, August 29

9:00 am UTC/GMT
10:00 am BST
Duration: 45 minutes (plus Q&A)

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