Mar 31, 2011

Getting started with mobile learning - Webinar

 This is a free webinar from eLN elearning network

'Three ways to engage in mobile learning'

 If the term 'mobile learning' makes you think of expensive bespoke content created to work on handheld devices, think again. Lilian introduces you to ways of using the functionality of various mobile devices to engage your learners. Mobile devices can make learning more fun and dynamic. Together with Web 2.0 technologies, they open up a new paradigm of learning. Access to a mobile phone is recommended for participation.

'New to Mobile Learning Course Development? Getting Started...'
 presenter : Garin Hess
If you want to develop courses for mobile devices, you need to address the following questions:
  • How do I develop learning content that works on all of the different devices out there?
  • How will learners access the mobile course content? Do I have to load it locally on the smartphone or tablet or is there some easier way?
  • How do I track learner results to the Learning Management System (LMS)?
In this session Garin will introduce you to the different options available so you can get your mobile learning strategy started right.

presnter : Lilian Soon

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