Mar 3, 2011

Raptivity Presenter

It is a great tool and very easy to use .

  • Create interactivity rapidly and add it conveniently to your PowerPoint presentations.

  • Leverage the library of pre-built interactions that engage your audience through active participation.

  • Completely customize each interaction.

  • It has also these packs :


    Shivesh Vishwanathan said...

    Hello, I work for Raptivity. Thanks for the review! Raptivity Presenter is a product meant for improving presentations and presentations-based training. Raptivity ( is a rapid interactivity builder for eLearning, and has features fine-tuned for eLearning. Hope you have a chance to check that out too! Thanks!

    Poonam said...

    Great samples! Thanks for sharing this.

    Kashmira said...

    This is a very useful software for presenters! Makes it easy to create presentations with a 'Wow' effect!

    diptik said...

    Now create expressive interactions for your presentations with Raptivity Presenter.......!

    richa said...

    Thanks for sharing the link & the useful information about Raptivity Presenter.
    It also provides a very useful eBook on 100 resources for presenters. Check it out here:
    Richa Bakshi

    Unlimited said...

    Thanks for the reply.
    I think it is a great software.
    It is a must in rapid elearning.

    poonam said...

    Recently, Raptivity Presenter has been merged with Raptivity - Interactivity Building Tool. The combined product, Raptivity, includes all Raptivity Presenter interactivities you enjoy using, plus many more from the Raptivity library. It will enable you to design interactive content for various applications, such as business presentations, training courses, eLearning content, and many more.

    Check it out.

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