Mar 3, 2011

Using Performance-Based Testing to Measure Proficiency

Advances in technology are changing the way application users and IT professionals prepare for and take software proficiency exams. A superior way to administer end-of-course assessments, performance-based testing confirms an individual’s ability to perform a task as opposed to recall information. In a software skills assessment, a performance-based test measures what it is intended to measure – how well the user can do the job.
Please join us for this Training Industry, Inc. webinar, sponsored by Kaplan IT Learning, as Dr. Richard Hyde of Mind Click Ltd provides an introduction to performance-based testing, discussing with you performance-based testing systems, the cost of not implementing an accurate testing system, and the effectiveness of performance-based testing.
During this webinar you will learn:
  • The challenges faced by testing and certification program managers.
  • The benefits to the many stakeholders of implementing performance-based testing.
  • The components of a performance-based testing system

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