Mar 5, 2011

Successful Single-Source Content Development

Today we are experiencing an explosive growth in mobile workforce applications coupled with continued heavy investment in eLearning.  Add to this the fact that most training is still delivered in an instructor-led environment leveraging print materials, while the technical publications department independently produces volumes of print-based content. Is it any wonder why single-source content development is rapidly becoming a strategic initiative within organizations?

Join some of the industry’s top content management experts for a structured writing presentation that will show you how to design discrete, granular content for reusability across products, across functions, and across delivery modalities.  Take the first steps toward true reusability that leads to greater return on investment, faster time-to-market, and the ability to deliver dynamic content to your information customers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices for moving to a single-sourcing strategy and take away an assessment tool that will enable you to evaluate your organization’s readiness for such a move in these key areas:

            •     Leveraging XML for content reusability and future-proofing content
            •     Determining what content is reusable throughout the enterprise
            •     Structuring content for reuse and filtering
            •     Producing well written content objects that are consistent and appropriate  
            •     Repurposing existing content for print, online and mobile delivery
            •     Managing change within your organization

This webinar is meant for those who need/want to implement a structured authoring approach to streamline development and increase content reusability.  The intended audience includes writers, training developers, instructional designers, editors, publications and training managers and anyone who writes for print, web, or mobile.

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