Mar 5, 2011

Using Video to Train and Engage

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Video is an effective way to capture content from subject matter experts and deliver it to globally dispersed audiences. Video-based content delivery ensures users receive unfiltered education directly from thought leaders in a medium that provides both familiarity and instant connections.  So how can you leverage the power of video to power your training?
Join us for this webinar, sponsored by Altus, as we help connect you to the potential that video offers. We’ll show you how commonly available tools can be used to record training delivered in the field, in the classroom, using software or through whiteboards. Our speakers will share tips on getting started, help you engage content experts (as well as your learners) and show you how to make video part of your training initiatives.
At this interactive webinar you will learn:
  • How to quickly and easily get started with video-based training.
  • How lessons learned from YouTube can strengthen your training programs.
  • Solutions for moving your learning up the video value chain.
  • Considerations to help ensure effective video delivery.
  • Practical tips to engage learners through video.

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