Aug 1, 2011

E-LEARNING 2 - Report

People that read the Guild’s 360° Reports on emerging technologies often express the following fears:
  1. The emerging technology will obsolesce what they do now;
  2. The emerging technology will be difficult to learn;
  3. It will be difficult to convince colleagues and management that they should embrace the emerging technology; and,
  4. Not embracing the technology will lead to certain doom.
Our comprehensive research and analysis from industry experts should allay concerns over the first three items. Indeed, the use of traditional classroom instruction is actually *up* from a year ago, so e-Learning 2.0 approaches are not going to replace instructor-lead training or e-Learning 1.0 approaches anytime soon. As for the fourth item, while the language may be somewhat extreme our research shows that organizations that ignore incorporating Web 2.0 approaches for their learning initiatives may be doing so at their own peril (at least according to Guild members’ survey results).

Comprehensive Survey Results – And Answers!

With dedicated e-Learning 2.0 survey data from 1,160 Guild members and learning modality preferences from nearly 3,000 members, Guild Research is able to definitively answer the following questions
  • Which approaches to learning are growing and which are receding?
  • Are younger workers in fact more adept at Web 2.0 tools and technologies and will they demand these approaches be incorporated into learning and performance support?
  • Do members that have implemented e-Learning 2.0 approaches report strong results?
  • What do Guild members who have implemented e-Learning 2.0 approaches do to ensure success within their organizations?
  • How do results in Europe and Asia differ from those in the U.S. and Canada?
  • Are your needs and priorities in alignment with your peers that work in similar organizations
Report and Webinar link is here

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